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Gianfranco Lopane - Assessore Turismo, Sviluppo e Impresa turistica Regione Puglia

"With 25 stages throughout Salento and more than 400 artists, La Notte della Taranta, between music, art and culture, represents an important moment for the Puglia Region's events programming. In the regional strategy, among the various actions, we want to give more and more thrust to the cultural product, to a programming that begins the first days of the year and ends the last of December expressing itself in a wide and varied offer that we build also thanks to the valuable collaboration with municipalities and tourism and culture operators. A well-established festival, therefore, which has contributed over time to the attractiveness of our region in Italy and the world, but which in each edition is enriched, changes its skin and promotes our traditions, our identity, initiating innovative forms of artistic experimentation."


Luca Scandale - General Director Pugliapromozione

"The Notte della Taranta was the first initiative that gave Salento, and then Puglia, national and international visibility. The Festival is a reference point for the Region's cultural and tourism marketing and that is why Pugliapromozione has been supporting it for five years. We have to say clearly, however, that our of the Region to hundreds of initiatives like this one may not have a perspective: in fact, it seems that the Development and Cohesion Fund, which is still blocked, will be destined in the future to support only infrastructure works. I think this is a short-sighted vision of development. Public works are necessary, but studies of the economics of culture show that intangible production is capable of producing great impacts far beyond the sums spent. I therefore use the visibility of La Notte della Taranta to make this appeal. Coming to the content of the Festival, I believe that, again this year, the central theme is identity. When, starting in the 1980s, globalization began to press on territories, identities from below re-emerged. Taranta is a part of this process, which has managed to transform from a cultural phenomenon into cultural marketing and a factor in attracting tourism. Thanks to La Notte della Taranta, Puglia realized that it could make it. Therefore, my thanks go to everyone who created and grew this great event: long live La Notte della Taranta, long live Puglia."


Aldo Patruno - Director of the Department of Tourism, Cultural Economy and Territorial Enhancement Apulia Region

"By now, the concertone is a landmark international event. We are not only facing a great musical event, but also the search for a territorial identity and a deep history of culture and popular music that has an anthropological and cultural value. The more this festival spreads over the territory, the Grecìa salentina, also enhancing the element of linguistic specificity, the more the historical-cultural value of this event gives the Notte della Taranta the value of a tourist-cultural tool, which we intend to use more and more in this 'phase two' of the regional cultural and tourism policies, aimed at upgrading the tourism offer, to position the territory on the market in terms of internationalization, diversifying it through culture, history, identity. These are the elements that make the traveling festival particularly important. We are particularly pleased that small municipalities, which are at the center of the policies of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, are increasingly joining this extraordinary initiative. We hope for popular participation on August 26 by residents, Apulians and Apulian women at the festival, but also by the citizens who fill the towns and villages of Salento during this August period - further proof that taranta is a defining element of Apulia's recognition in Italy and the world."


DINA MANTI, CDA member Fondazione La Notte della Taranta: "I am thrilled to be here today to present this Festival, which constitutes the perfect synthesis of my vision of culture and enhancement of the territory. During the tenure that I have the honor of holding within the Foundation, as a component designated by the Region of Puglia, the ability to combine a deep territorial identity with the challenge of interdisciplinary innovation will be the polar star toward which I will always aim. For a month, the squares of Grecìa Salentina and Salento will be dotted with events that constitute a true laboratory of excellence, a heritage of cultures and traditions that are a Common Good to be preserved and promoted every day. And staying on the subject of Common Goods, I am even more enthusiastic that the initial stage will be in my Corigliano d'Otranto and will include a performance by the dance troupe of the Notte della Taranta right in front of the Pugliese Aqueduct reservoir, a testament to the fact that culture is capable of conveying messages with a disruptive and generative force, and is always a living, pulsating element of our everyday life."


IVAN STOMEO CDA component La Notte della Taranta Foundation: "Festival 2023 is dedicated to Luigi Chiriatti and his research work. The itinerant travels in the villages and towns of Salento rich in stories and suggestions, off the ordinary routes finding ways to renew itself, grasping the transformations of society accompanying them with reflections and quality encounters. A schedule of events capable of enhancing all fields of art, from music to dance, from philosophy to theater. For more than 20 years The Festival has been growing by involving new territories with a continuous attention to the quality of the proposal that transforms historic centers into artistic and cultural laboratories. An unmissable event for the people of Puglia but especially for the many visitors who follow the Festival every year."


Rochy Malatesta president of Torre Guaceto nature reserve

"I am proud together with all those who operate and live the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto for this appointment, a wonderful moment of sustainable sharing, with a contingent presence. Since sunset, the Torre Guaceto lido will host this extraordinary, magical evening that will represent an embrace between the place and the Orchestra of La Notte della Taranta. We like the idea of historicizing this place with history, tradition and music very much because it represents the possibility of making people dialogue with music. We will all work together for sustainability, to raise awareness about caring for the environment, for nature, toward the essence that we need to find again. And the taranta with its colors, with its magic seemed to us an extraordinary event to share in this direction."



The 2023 edition of La Notte della Taranta Festival, will cross from August 1 to 27, as many as 25 villages and towns in Salento, the Torre Guaceto nature reserve and the iconic bay of Sant'Andrea, with more than 400 guests including musicians, dancers, actors, writers and philosophers. An edition that promises to be extraordinary and confirms La Notte della Taranta as the largest Italian traveling festival that promotes popular music as a score of emotions born from the dialogue between the arts, interweaving and creating reflections and insights with dance, theater, literature, philosophy.

Ragnatela della Taranta will offer a long journey through popular music with 200 hours of live shows in the squares: Aug. 1 Corigliano d'Otranto, Aug. 2 Calimera, Aug. 3 Riserva Naturale di Torre Guaceto (BR), Aug. 4 Sogliano Cavour, Aug. 5 Nociglia, Aug. 6 Racale, Aug. 7 Cursi, Aug. 8 Alessano, Aug. 9 Ugento, Aug. 10 Sant'Andrea - marina di Melendugno, Aug. 11 Carpignano Salentino, Aug. 12 Nardò, Aug. 13 Galatone, Aug. 14 LECCE, Aug. 16 Zollino, Aug. 17 Galatina, Aug. 18 Castrignano de Greci, Aug. 19 Cutrofiano, Aug. 20 Aradeo for the first time included in the Festival, Aug. 21 Martignano, Aug. 22 Soleto, Aug. 23 Sternatia, Aug. 24 Martano, Aug. 26 CONCERTONE DI MEPIGNANO, Aug. 27 Galatina - Night of the Patrols.

The theme of this 26th edition is IDENTITY, inspired by Italo Calvino, the writer whose centenary since his birth falls this year: "Identity is a bundle of divergent lines that find in the individual the point of interest," Calvino wrote in "Civilizations of Machines." A theme-world to interpret current reality that will be addressed in lectio magistralis by philosopher Umberto Galimberti guest in Martano on Aug. 24, by Tlon philosophers Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici on Aug. 21 in Martignano, by criminal judge Maria Francesca Mariano on Aug. 19 in Cutrofiano, by journalist Marcello Veneziani on Aug. 23 in Sternatia, by theologian Vito Mancuso on Aug. 8 in Alessano, by writer  on Aug. 17 in Galatina, and by journalist and writer Angelo Mellone on Aug. 13 in Galatone.

Festival 2023 is dedicated to Luigi Chiriatti, the recently deceased artistic director, who worked until the end of his days on the Taranta touring program.





Sealing the importance of this festival in the Italian cultural scene is the project "The Humanity of Water" in collaboration with Acquedotto Pugliese, which will bring the Popular Orchestra Notte della Taranta and its Corps de Ballet to narrate through music and dance, the water that in Apulia is the highway of humanity. A highway with the forma fluens that through the pipelines of Acquedotto Pugliese, the amazing network of water conservation and distribution fruit of the work and ingenuity of countless generations, influences the life of Puglia, the gestures and language of its inhabitants. Water is the most important link that has spanned the past and flows into the future.

Three special events related to the project. The festival will be inaugurated on Aug. 1 with an unprecedented performance at the Acquedotto Pugliese reservoir overlooking Corigliano d'Otranto, starring the Taranta Ballet Corps and the Salento Funk Orchestra. The majestic work dating back to 1932 will be the setting for Pizzica in Scena the pizzica show with the pressing rhythms of Taranta that precedes the parade of the impressive brass front-line of the Salento Funk Orchestra. A celebration in the Apulian band tradition that will connect the reservoir to Corigliano's historic center.  On Aug. 3 in collaboration with the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve scheduled the unplugged concert of the Popular Orchestra. At sunset, the sounds and songs of the Notte della Taranta land in the reserve's equipped lido with Enza Pagliara, Stefania Morciano, Alessandra Caiulo, Consuelo Alfieri, Antonio Amato, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Salvatore Galeanda and musicians Attilio Turrisi - chitarra battente, Alessandro Monteduro - percussion, Gianluca Longo - mandola, Roberto Gemma - accordion, Peppo Grassi - mandolin, Leonardo Cordella - accordion, Antonio Marra - drums, Roberto Chiga, Alessandro Chiga, Carlo Canaglia De Pascali, Gioele Nuzzo - tambourine, Mario Esposito - bass, Giuseppe Astore - violin, Nico Berardi - woodwinds. On August 10, the hypnotic pizzica of the Popular Orchestra will enchant the bay of Sant'Andrea, marina of Melendugno, on the night of San Lorenzo.


Here are the 50 concerts that will enliven the Festival stages with Eugenio Bennato, Faraualla, Alla Bua in Corigliano d'Otranto, Rachele Andrioli, Enza Pagliara - Elena Ledda - Lucilla Galeazzi - Dario Muci, Uccio Aloisi Gruppu in Calimera, Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta in Torre Guaceto Riserva Naturale, Tamburellisti di Otranto, I Trainieri and Criamu in Sogliano Cavour, the Orchestrona of the school of popular music of Forlimpopoli and I Calanti in Nociglia, I Briganti di Terra d'Otranto, Kalurya, Mimmo Epifani - Pietro Cirillo and I Tamburi della Tarantola di Tricarico in Racale, Damiano Mulino & Kardia - Tzichì popolare, Taranta Arneo, Dakkamà and Carlo Canaglia in Cursi, Pino Ingrosso and the Kalascima hosting Joao Silva in Alessano, Maria Mazzotta and Scazzacatarante in Ugento, I Mandatari and Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta in Sant'Andrea, Assurd and Strittuli compagnia di musica popolare salentina in Carpignano Salentino, Fiorenza Calogero with Biagio De Prisco and Stella Grande in Nardò, Sciacuddhuzzi and Enzo Petrachi & Folkorband23 in Galatone, Mario Incudine - Peppe Servillo and Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta in Lecce, Leonardo Cordella Salento Pizziche e Tarante and Ashèblasta in Zollino, Chi sonä e cantä no nmòrë majï and Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino hosting Inude in Galatina, Consuelo Alfieri and Mascarimirì "25 anni tradinnovazione" hosting Hakim Hamadouche in Castrignano de' Greci, Le Malmaritate and Antonio Amato Ensemble in Cutrofiano, Arakmea, Raiz & Radicanto, Edoardo Zimba in Aradeo, Nui...Nisciunu and Giancarlo Paglialunga hosting Redi Hasa in Martignano, Makaria, Fanfara Station and Officina Zoè "I 30 anni" in Soleto, Jonica Popolare, Antonio and Eliseo Castrignanò with Oles Orchestra in Sternatia, Ciccio Nucera Band and Kamafei in Martano.


A not-to-be-missed and eagerly awaited event for pizzica enthusiasts, the pizzica workshops, curated by the Notte della Taranta Dance Corps, return. Taranta dancers welcome guests in large, inclusive, open circles as they accompany the audience to discover the rhythm of the tambourine and the different expressions of the pizzica: courtship pizzica, pizzica tarantata and pizzica fencing.

The workshops will be held at 8 p.m. Aug. 1 in the atrium of the Flying Castle in Corigliano d'Otranto, Aug. 5 in Piazza Ruggieri in Nociglia, Aug. 6 in Racale in Piazza San Sebastiano, Aug. 10 at Sant'Andrea Bay, Aug. 12 in Nardò via XXV Luglio, and Aug. 14 in Lecce in Piazza Libertini.

Also back is Pizzica in Scena, the show of the Corpo di Ballo della Taranta with choreography by Mattia Politi: appointment on Aug. 1 Serbatoio Acquedotto Pugliese in Corigliano d'Otranto and on Aug. 9 in Ugento in Piazza San Vincenzo.

On stage: Serena Pellegrino, Mihaela Coluccia, Lucia Scarabino, Laura Boccadamo, Cristina Frassanito, Stefano Campagna, Fabrizio Nigro, Andrea Caracuta.

Dance will also be the protagonist in the Cutrofiano stage with the special project MAGICA RONDA in collaboration with the Alessano-based Coop L'Adelfia inserted in Taranta per il Sociale: girls and boys guests of therapeutic communities will be the protagonists of the special dance that will involve the community in the inclusive and supportive patrol.

Also in Cutrofiano scheduled is the pizzica performance by dancers Carmine D'Amico and Jonathan Enea Costa.

On Aug. 22 in Piazza Cattedrale after midnight in Soleto, the dancers of the Corpo di Ballo della Taranta will give life to the Balconata, a show with a strong visual impact that transforms the balconies of the historic center into the urban stage to be admired with your head up.


Once again this year La Notte della Taranta dedicates a large space to theater.

Appointments not to be missed are Aug. 2 in the market area in Calimera with Teatro Koreja in Cumpanaggio (show for max 30 spectators with reservations required on 0832 724200).

In Capignano Salentino in largo Giudeca on Aug. 11 staged "La Guerra del vino" with Fabrizio Saccomanno and Marco Schiavone. In Nardò in the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta staged Apocalisse Apocrifa with Giuseppe Semeraro and Giuseppe Gigante. In Zollino on Aug. 16 in the municipal villa lands Enea, human hero the narrative show in music conceived by Andrea Sirianni.




All Festival events are with free access.


Only the Torre Guaceto event, having to preserve the balance of the ecosystem, will have limited access for 400 people who can make reservations starting at 4 p.m. on July 26 by clicking here: https://nottedellatarantatorreguaceto.eventbrite.com


The ticket amount will be refunded, to all persons attending the concert, in the following days.


For the Theater section event with mandatory reservation in the Calimera stage on Aug. 2 for Cumpanaggio by Teatro Koreja. Reservations here: 0832 242000


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The Itinerant Festival is a cultural project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation funded by REGIONE PUGLIA and PUGLIAPROMOZIONE with the contribution of Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina and the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Diego Carpitella Institute.



The Notte della Taranta Foundation would like to thank the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and the municipalities of Corigliano d'Otranto, Calimera, Sogliano Cavour, Nociglia, Racale, Cursi, Alessano, Ugento, Melendugno, Carpignano Salentino, Nardò, Galatone, Zollino, Galatina, Castrignano de' Greci, Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Martignano, Soleto, Sternatia, Martano, Melpignano and the city of Lecce.


Main Sponsor: DMJ - DE MARIANI Group


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