Extraordinary success for the 2022 edition of the Notte della Taranta, one of the most important folk music festivals in the world promoted by the Fondazione Notte della Taranta with the support of the Puglia Region, Puglia Promozione, Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina and the Diego Carpitella Institute.  
"La Notte della Taranta promotes not only the music, dance and beauty of the pizzica but has the ability to bring tradition and innovation into dialogue, highlights Puglia Region President Michele Emiliano. A process of connection between the languages of art that is a projection of a model of creative development capable of representing Puglia by foregrounding its rich cultural heritage. The images of the square of Melpignano with thousands of citizens and tourists from all over the world are unforgettable. A memorable edition that once again highlighted the talent and beauty of Puglia. I thank Massimo Manera and his team, and I thank all the artists who participated in this great inclusive and welcoming festival like a pizzica patrol."

"The Concertone confirms its enormous success and will return on August 26, 2023 with all its extraordinary ability to dialogue with the public", announces Foundation President Massimo Manera. "I thank the President of Puglia Region Michele Emiliano and the General Director of Puglia Promozione Luca Scandale who believed in the cultural project by actively supporting the Foundation. Culture, beauty, research, innovation, and participation will still be the key words of our activity, which starts again immediately with three concerts on September 18 in Elba Island, September 23 in San Vito Lo Capo, and October 6 in Lecce."

Unprecedented media coverage for the 2022 edition that reached more than 60 million contacts through the Foundation's social platforms and through the communication strategy that used multiple languages to reach different audiences. Suffice it to say that La Notte della Taranta, which landed on Tik Tok on the eve of the Concertone, reached an audience of 8000 users in a few hours with 2.2 million interactions.
More than 5 million people reached on Facebook, 15 million impressions on Instagram and an endless production of stories from users, artists, guests, influencers who tagged the official page. Among the most active influencers: Gianluca Fru of the comedy group TheJackal and the Concertone host Elodie herself, who leaps to the top of the social ratings with her Pizzica di san Vito, followed by Stromae's Alors On Danse, Marco Mengoni's Klama, and traditional songs Acqua de la Funtana performed by Stefania Morciano and Aria Caddhipulina performed by Antonio Amato.

Exceptional data on accesses to the official website of the Foundation that on August 27 broadcasted worldwide (excluding Italy) on the streaming platform the Concertone reaching 825,000 requests mainly from Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, the United States, Chile, England, France, Greece, Albania, Australia and recording two access requests from Ukraine.
On twitter the hashtags #taranta25 and #WeAreinPuglia remained trending on both August 27 and September 1, when the Concertone was broadcast by Rai 1 reaching 8% share in second night with 426,000 viewers and with the special report on Estate in Diretta 1,460,000 viewers. There was a steady increase in the viewing figures on Rai Play.
Mediaset dedicated the MAG Studio Aperto special to the Melpignano event, which reached 6% share with 328,087 viewers. Stunning Italian and foreign news coverage. The event was followed by TG1 13:30, TG2 13:00, TG3 14:20, TG3 Puglia all editions, TG5 night, TG5 8:00, TG5 8:00, Studio Aperto 12:25, Studio Aperto 18:25 with over 15 million users reached and by the all news Sky Tg24, RaiNews24, TgCom24 with over 6 million users reached. Extensive and qualified coverage from the radio news of RTL 102.5, RDS, Radio Capital, Rai Radio 1, with over 12 million users reached. With correspondents in Melpignano also present foreign TV from Albania, Slovenia, Romania and remote coverage from Switzerland and Greece. The choice was made taking into consideration the tourism planning of the new flights to and from Puglia.
Valuable was the coverage of national newspapers, news agencies and in particular Puglia, which since 1998, the date of birth of the Notte della Taranta, have accompanied the cultural growth path of the event, actively contributing to the development of the territory.
As confirmed by Federalberghi and reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the Notte della Taranta remains the only cultural event capable of selling out in all facilities in Salento with a remarkable increase of foreign tourists compared to July figures.
With 200,000 attendees at the Concertone in the square and 50,000 at the general rehearsals, the 25th edition of the Notte della Taranta marks its historical record of attendance.

Special thanks to the Communications Team coordinated by Gabriella Della Monaca that included Colibrì, Papel Studio, FreeJungle, Commedia Digital Trasformation, WeMake.

Sources: Auditel, Audipress, Audiweb, Public Safety and Order Committee, NdT Foundation, Civil Defense, BusForFun.