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In August 2008 “LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA” Foundation was born as an initiative of Regione Puglia, Lecce Province, Grecìa Salentina Comuni Union and "Diego Carpitella" institute.  in  Autumn 2010 it has become active, the foundation represents a research and reflexive laboratory at the cross of three currents:  scientific  one, spectacle one and cultural politics one.


the foundation has the aim to define ways and managerial and strategic decisions promoting independent initiatives and mixing the activities of the members which tend to endorse and safeguard the salentino land.  in particular, it supports the ethnographic heritage study promoting cultural, musical, social and communication events and projects connected with the support and the development of tarantismo phenomenon research, of ‘grike’ and salentine traditions with a particular reference to popular music.


Today the Foundation office’s main tasks are the organization and the production of “LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA” festival together with all the activities of “LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA” popular orchestra. Several projects, workshops and publications are conducted with the main research institutions of the salentina area and of the main italian and foreign Universities (Università del Salento, IULM di Milano, Università di Ginevra, Università di Perugia, Università di Tours).





Massimo Manera


Raffaele Gorgoni


Ivan Stomeo
Francesco Pellegrino


Gianfranco Conte
Daniele Sauve
Barbara Premoli


Sandro Cappelletto (Presidente)

Patrizia Calefato
Carmelo Pasimeni
Maddalena Tulanti


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