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On Aug. 5 for the first time in the history of the itinerant festival "La Notte della Taranta," it makes a stop in San Vito dei Normanni (BR). Now in its 25th edition dedicated to the theme "The Tradition of the New," La Ragnatela della Taranta, Italy's largest traveling festival, will cross 21 towns in Salento with 43 pizzica concerts and more than 400 artists and lead up to the long night of the August 27 Concertone in Melpignano (Le), with master concertmaster DARDUST, and will be broadcast on RAI 1, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 11:15 p.m.

Curated by the Corpo di Ballo della Notte della Taranta, the pizzica workshops return at 7 p.m., unmissable appointments for fans of the Salento dance who gather in the squares of the Festival's host towns to take part in the great dancing patrol. Large inclusive and open circles are formed led by the Taranta dancers who accompany the audience to discover the rhythm of the tambourine and the different expressions of the pizzica: courtship pizzica, pizzica tarantata and pizzica fencing.

At 9 p.m. to enchant the crowd with his music, Antonio Castrignanò, musician and singer, is a lucid interpreter of the present. He will also bring to the stage in San Vito dei Normanni the songs from his latest album "Babilonia," which as he defined it is a choral journey outside the borders of Salento to discover different languages and cultures, with the desire to tell about himself and learn about the history of others. Unpublished songs, original arrangements, new experiences, melodies and rhythms that intertwine with souls from other places, such as Sub Saharan Africa, Turkey, India. It starts from the south and goes back south, track after track, dealing with universal themes, nature, work, love, together with artists such as Sona Jobarteh, Enzo Avitabile, Don Rico and Badara Seck, Mercan Dede. A record of Babylonian richness, with all the languages of the world in it, starting with dialect that addresses many universal themes, ancient but very current: the relationship between man and nature, love, work, the feminine. Alongside Antonio Castrignanò (Artistic Production and Musical Direction) voice, tambourine, rhythm section, synthesizer, mandola, there will be: Rocco Nigro, accordion and synthesizer; Luigi Marra, voice, violin; Maurizio Pellizzari, guitars, saz; Giuseppe Spedicato, bass; Gianni Gelao, woodwinds, bouzouki, bagpipe; Guglielmo Dimidri, sound engineer.

This will be followed by a performance by the Orchestra Popolare Notte della Taranta, the Salento folk music group that changed the history of pizzica by exporting it to the world. Founded in 2004 within the Melpignano Concertone, it is now the undisputed leader in the world music scene. Tradition and constant innovation, unique and unmistakable sound, the Orchestra is characterized by the multitude of fascinating sound paths born from the collaborations with the likes of Joe Zawinul, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Salif Keita, LP, Concha Buika, Gregory Porter and again Ludovico Einaudi, Lucio Dalla, Francesco De Gregori, Roberto Vecchioni, Ligabue and with the different musical genres from jazz to rock, from blues to electronic, from classical to rap.

In touring abroad, the Popular Orchestra sets the squares of the world ablaze and represents Italian Popular Culture in the most prestigious international contexts from Argentina to Kuwait, from Chile to Saudi Arabia, from the United States to China. In the past year, the Orchestra has been featured at New Year's Eve at Expo Dubai, Peter Gabriel's Womad Chile, and the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria.

Every year the Orchestra, acclaimed by the public and critics, leads the Concertone di Melpignano, which in the last quarter century has fostered the birth of new groups and new festivals related to pizzica by promoting all activities related to the recovery and revival of popular traditions. The set of songs and dances proposed by the Orchestra during 25 years of the Notte della Taranta today represent a speaking archive of excellence. A fundamental archive, a work of research and study of popular culture, which has formed the basis of everything that the groups, born thanks to the work of promoting the Notte della Taranta, can tell the world today. Numerous musicians and singers have been formed within the Orchestra and today they are the protagonists of a personal journey and transformed traditional songs into hits known to the general public such as: Aria Caddhipulina, Santu Paulu, Calinitta, Aremu, Lule Lule,Lu ruciu de lu mare, L'acqua de la funtana, the extraordinary pizziche di Torchiarolo, Aradeo, di Lizzano, Copertino, Cordella, di Stifani, San Vito.

The band is now composed of singers Enza Pagliara, Stefania Morciano, Alessandra Caiulo, Consuelo Alfieri, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Antonio Amato, Salvatore Cavallo Galeanda and musicians Gianluca Longo (mandola), Peppo Grassi (mandolin), Attilio Turrisi (chitarra battente), Giuseppe Astore (violin) Roberto Chiga, Alessandro Chiga, Carlo Canaglia De Pascali (tamburello salentino), Roberto Gemma (bellows), Nico Berardi (wind instruments), Leonardo Cordella (accordion), Alessandro Monteduro (percussion), Antonio Marra (drums), Valerio Combass Bruno (bass).


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Aug. 06 in Nardò Via Xxv Luglio: 7 p.m. kicks off with the Pizzica Workshop, 9 p.m. performance by Arab Sufi Di Ziad Trabelsi Ombre Illuminate followed by Tarantarneo.


The Itinerant Festival is a project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation supported by the Region of Puglia, Pugliapromozione, Grecìa salentina, and the Diego Carpitella Institute.


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