Record numbers for the dress rehearsal of the Notte della Taranta that last night in Melpignano welcomed 60 thousand people, according to data provided by the Committee for Public Order and Safety.

The show that began at 8 p.m. ended at 11:30 p.m., allowing the Foundation to test the organizational machine in view of the large flow of public expected this evening. It is estimated that 250 thousand people will arrive and also for this reason, as pointed out by the mayor of Melpignano Valentina Avantaggiato, a small change was made to the traffic plan that will allow separate access between buses and cars. Also arriving are numerous campers and buses from all parts of Italy. According to the mapping of premium ticket sales arrivals are expected from Paris, Budapest, Athens, Berlin, London.

Starting today at 2 p.m. on an electronic eye will provide real-time images of the square in Melpignano (LE).

The Concertone will open tonight with Fiorella Mannoia's tribute to Gigi Chiriatti, the artistic director of the Itinerant Festival who passed away recently. "A Friday Day" is dedicated to him.

Interpretation is the key to Concertone 2023. "After having worked on the sound of the Popular Orchestra, which is today the excellence of the area," explains President Massimo Manera, "in 2023 we focused on the interpretation of traditional lyrics, bringing to the stage not only Fiorella but the golden voice of Italian music Arisa, the expressive and poetic ability of Brunori Sas and the experimentation of Tananai. But in the foreground we wanted our voices: Antonio Amato, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Salvatore Galeanda, Enza Pagliara, Stefania Morciano, Alessandra Caiulo and Consuelo Alfieri."

This is the line up for the evening: Un giorno di venerdì, Pizzica di San Vito, Ec Ec, Tango, Ri lo la la, L'acqua de la funtana, Taranta di Lizzano, T'aggiu amatu, Bocca di Rosa, Lule Lule, Pizzica di San Marzano, Pizzica di Aradeo, Madonna de lu mare, Santu Paulu, Beddra ci dromi, Fimmine fimmine, Aremu, Stornelli, Ferma Zitella, Lu Zinzale, Pizzica di Stifani, La Cardilleddha, Lu ruciu de lu mare, Pizzica di Ostuni, Aria Caddhipulina, Calinitta.

The choreography is entrusted to Francesca Romana Di Maio. The Taranta dance troupe along with professional dancers will give colorful and energetic paintings and accompany ARISA on the song Lu Ruciu de lu mare in an intense atmosphere surrounded by the sea of visuals that brings the audience to dive into the Salento sounds.

On stage we will also see percussionist Carlo Di Francesco, who, together with Clemente Ferrarri and Orchestra Popolare, took care of the arrangements. With tamburellists Carlo De Pascali, Roberto Chiga, Gioele Nuzzo, and Alessandro Chiga, they will offer a high-impact sound patrol.

Also highly anticipated is Tananai's performance after the video of the performance with Antonio Amato went viral on social media.

Spectacular video narration that will accompany the audience in the long Night of Melpignano. A total immersion in the symbols of the Apulian festivities: from the illuminations, to the ceramics, from the breathtaking landscapes to the blue of the sea, which in the song "Madonna de lu mare," written by Massimo Marangio, is transformed into authentic poetry.

The Melpignano Concertone is completely free as is the water that will be provided by the fountains set up by Acquedotto Pugliese.

The Humanity of Water is the title of the project wanted by Fondazione to raise public awareness of the precious resource of water. A fluens-shaped highway that through the pipelines of Acquedotto Pugliese, the amazing network of water conservation and distribution fruit of the work and ingenuity of countless generations, influences the life of Puglia, the gestures and language of its inhabitants.  Water is the most important link that has spanned the past and flows into the future.