Samuele Bersani will be a guest at the Notte della Taranta Concert scheduled for Aug. 27 in Melpignano (Le). The singer-songwriter of the masterpiece Giudizi Universali will enchant the Taranta audience by interpreting the symbolic song of the tradition: Lu ruciu de lu mare the poetic description of the Salento landscape between "padule" inhabited by "ranocchiule" and the buzz of the sea.
In his 30-year career, Bersani has written extraordinary songs that have moved audiences such as Replay, En and Xanax, Chicco and Spillo, Freak, a long journey of sound research that is constantly evolving and outside of any standardization scheme.
Master concertmaster Dardust in the long night of Melpignano will highlight Bersani's two artistic souls, that of continuous experimentation and the very recognizable one of lyrics poised between surreal imagery and poetry.
This is an unmissable opportunity to listen live to the plucked version of Chicco and Spillo by the 50-year-old singer-songwriter from Rimini, who at the age of 21 signed one of the masterpieces of writing in Italian discography, "Il Mostro," whose enchanting lyrics immediately won over Dalla, who decided to produce it. And Bersani arrives at the Notte della Taranta 16 years after the participation of his great friend Lucio Dalla, to whom he dedicated, 10 years after his death, a touching post on Instagram: "In the moments of greatest bewilderment your words always knew how to build immediate horizons and ports of comfort in which to land."
In 2021 with his latest album Cinema Bersani, the artist won his fifth Targa Tenco, after the one for "L'oroscopo speciale" awarded in 2000 also as Best Album, the double in 2004 for both Best Song with "Cattiva," and for Best Album with "Caramella Smog," and in 2015 for "La storie che non conosci," written and sung together with Gino Pacifico, judged Best Song of the Year.
But Samuele Bersani's artistic career is studded with awards, including two Mia Martini Critics' Awards ("Replay" and "Un pallone"), a Lunezia Award for Best Literary Lyrics for "Giudizi Universali," and the Amnesty Italy Award for the song "Occhiali Rotti" dedicated to reporter Enzo Baldoni.
A super cast for Concertone 2022 celebrating its first 25 years. After the announcement of international guest STROMAE, Italian singer-songwriter SAMUELE BERSANI is added and two more super guests from the Italian pop scene are expected.
In the rehearsal room set up in the Cinema Elio in Calimera, the Popular Orchestra continues its musical quest to enchant the audience of Melpignano, moving from traditional pizziches to the audience's most beloved ballads with an in-depth look at Pier Paolo Pasolini's Canzoniere Italiano and a tribute to Vito Nigro the cantor of Villa Castelli and Cordella's pizzica. The texts chosen by Dardust for the 25th edition will also be a dancing journey entrusted to choreographer Irma Di Paola.
Concertone La Notte della Taranta is a cultural project of musical and choreographic research produced by Fondazione La Notte della Taranta with the support of Regione Puglia, Puglia Promozione, Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa salentina, and Istituto Diego Carpitella.
Thanks to a collaboration with Acquedotto Pugliese, the Concertone area will be served by public water distribution. Festival mobility is zero-emission thanks to the technical support of DMJ Gruppo De Mariani, which provided the electric cars.

How to get to the Concertone:

By train: Ferrovie Sud Est has activated a special train service to reach Melpignano and comfortably find return runs until dawn: Notte della Taranta 2022 (

By bus: BusFor Fun from major Italian cities

With your own vehicle, it will be possible to reserve parking in Melpignano

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