Concert-Recital with G. Piero Rapanà, Simone Franco, Daria Falco, Bruno Galeone, Emanuele Coluccia, Vincenzo Grasso, Davide Chiarelli

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On August 7, the traveling festival "La Notte della Taranta," makes a stop in Sogliano Cavour. Now in its 25th edition dedicated to the theme "The Tradition of the New," the Ragnatela della Taranta, Italy's largest traveling festival, will cross 21 towns in Salento from Aug. 4 to 25, with 43 pizzica concerts, more than 400 artists and will lead, stage after stage, to the long night of the Concertone on Aug. 27 in Melpignano (Le), with the maestro concertmaster DARDUST, and will be broadcast on RAI 1, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 11:15 p.m.

The evening kicks off at 9 p.m. with music from the Fondo Verri- Concert-Recital "Fate solo quel che vi incanta." Antonio Leonardo Verri, has always been confronted with time, clear in telling, describing and defining the origin of his poetic feeling and action and at the same time capable of foreshadowing and foreshadowing the future. Words and language the place of her constant searching, of her con-fusing with sound, "sense," every meaning, every narrative possibility. If she made Verri's words ring in her head before she wrote them down, she would gauge their musicality, if she repeated them, she would tune them with her breath, with the beating of her heart and with the wind. He had an American love Verri: John Cage and many musician friends with whom to compare himself, he did so by standing in listening to silence. The recital concerts texts from: "Bread Under the Snow," "Bucherer the Watchmaker," "The Trophies of the City of Guisnes," "The Harmony Maker," a chorus of voices recited by actors G. Piero Rapanà, Simone Franco, and sung by Daria Falco accompanied by Bruno Galeone's accordion, Emanuele Coluccia on piano and sax, and Vincenzo Grasso on clarinet and Davide Chiarelli on percussion.

Next up is the turn of the Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli. In 1990, researcher Pierpaolo de Giorgi and repository Amedeo De Rosa founded the group "Pierpaolo De Giorgi e I Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli," re-evaluating the "pizzica pizzica" that had been used for centuries in Salento as a folk therapy, and reworking it in a progressive key but with deep respect for tradition. De Giorgi's rigorous studies were joined by the extraordinary dancers and players of Torrepaduli, creating an artistic proposal that is both traditional and innovative. The group has recorded numerous albums, which have met with great favor with the public and marked a decisive turning point in Apulian and Italian folk music. They have always surprised everyone with the virtuosity of percussion, the result of their insistent search for new formulas and rhythmic grooves to apply to the tambourine, with the swirling techniques of dance and with the artistic and poetic content of their songs. The Torrepaduli Tamburellists are: Pierpaolo De Giorgi voice and guitar; Donato Nuzzo accordion and tambourine; Rocco Luca tambourine; Gioele Nuzzo tambourine and deejeridoo; Michele Wilde violin; Anna Costa voice.


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Aug. 08 Nociglia Piazza Ruggieri. 9 p.m. Cardisanti followed by Canzoniere Jonico pizzicati int' allu core.

The Itinerant Festival is a project of Fondazione Notte della Taranta supported by Regione Puglia, Pugliapromozione, Grecìa salentina, Istituto Diego Carpitella.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1etZhAHKKoQpHfZdzZe9nf4rz6ixtaC6X?usp=sharing here you will find more photos from previous Itinerant Festivals

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