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The traveling festival "La Notte della Taranta," makes a stop in Nociglia on Aug. 8. A 25th edition dedicated to the theme "The tradition of the new," which from Aug. 4 to 25 will cross 21 municipalities of Salento, with 43 pizzica concerts, more than 400 artists and will lead, stage after stage, to the long night of the Concertone on Aug. 27 in Melpignano (Le), with the maestro concertatore DARDUST, and will be broadcast on RAI 1, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 11:15 p.m.

The festival stage will light up at 9 p.m. with the music of I Cardisanti, a group born in the wake of the great singers of their own town, Cutrofiano, who will perform the concert "I fiori e le radici," the result of more than 20 years of research into Salento's musical roots and work on sounds to personalize songs with original arrangements. The new show, studied in every detail for the 2022 season, has a strong cultural imprint: it re-proposes the values of the peasant civilization that existed in Salento until very few decades ago and includes, in addition to the pizzica, work songs, love songs, serenades, other traditional songs and a space dedicated to the memory of the old great Salento singers who have contributed in a decisive way to the affirmation of the music of the area as a great cultural resource. The show aims to entertain the audience and at the same time to remember, spread and enhance the values of the peasant civilization. Composing I Cardisanti: Giuseppe Cesari, guitar and narrator; Antonio Polimeno, mandolin, guitar and vocals; Vittorio Chittano, accordion; Alessio Giannotta, mandola and guitar; Marina Leuzzi, vocals; Enzo Polimeno, tammorra and tambourine; Filippo Campa tambourine.

This will be followed by Il Canzoniere Jonico Pizzicati int'allu Core, evidence of some 30 years of folk tradition of the upper Salento and Ionian area, but also a clear manifestation of folk music evolution and contamination. World Music group from the Ionian aera was selected for the Targa Tenco for their album "Sciamu." Their record project between 2019 and 2020 also conquered film festivals around the world thanks to the single of the same name that became a musical short film written and directed by Valerio Manisi, band leader of the Canzoniere. They now offer a research show, combining the folk music of Puglia, upper Salento, and the liveliness of folk with the polyphony of world musics and the importance of different social issues. The group consists of Valerio Manisi, vocals and drums; Claudio De Vittorio, vocals, mandoloncello and bouzouki; Bruno Galeone, accordion; Domenico Nisi, violin; Carlo Massarelli, vocals and horns; Cosimo Pastore, vocals, guitar and beating guitar; Stefano Scatigna, harmonica and mouth and drums; Domenico Pignatelli, bass; and Giacomo Abatematteo, drums.


Next stop

Aug. 09 Cursi Piazza Pio XII at 9 p.m. with Francesco Loccisano and Andrea Piccioni Upgrade. To be followed by Scazzacatarante.

The Itinerant Festival is a project of Fondazione Notte della Taranta supported by Regione Puglia, Pugliapromozione, Grecìa salentina, Istituto Diego Carpitella.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1etZhAHKKoQpHfZdzZe9nf4rz6ixtaC6X?usp=sharing here you will find more photos from previous Itinerant Festivals

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