The journey of the traveling festival "La Notte della Taranta" on Aug. 2 makes a stop in Calimera. On the stage in the market area, on stage from 9 p.m. are the concerts of Rachele Andrioli in Da Coro a Coro, followed by Enza Pagliara, Elena Ledda, Lucilla Galeazzi and Dario Muci in Ballanzè and closing Uccio Aloisi Gruppu.

The 2023 edition of the La Notte della Taranta Festival, which began Aug. 1, will run through Aug. 27 through as many as 25 towns and villages in Salento, the Torre Guaceto nature reserve and the iconic Sant'Andrea Bay, with more than 400 guests including musicians, dancers, actors, writers and philosophers. An edition that promises to be extraordinary and that confirms La Notte della Taranta as the largest Italian touring festival that promotes popular music as a score of emotions born from the dialogue between the arts, interweaving and creating reflections and insights with dance, theater, literature, philosophy and will lead, stage after stage to the Concertone on August 26 in Melpignano (Le), to the long night with the concertmaster FIORELLA MANNOIA.

It starts at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the Bibliomediateca "Giannino Aprile"-Room "A.Moro" with Teatro Koreja offering the show Cumpanaggiu ( for max. 30 spectators with reservations required 0832 242000). "Cumpanaggiu - the bread and the rest" is a sensory show that aims to represent a philosophy of life by staging its typical products, edible and not, starting with bread, the central character. Guided by two aspiring baker-actors, a celebrant of typical Salento products, a retired baker pedagogue and a simultaneous translator, spectators are actively involved in a multisensory journey. The shapes that bread takes and theingredients with which it is made reveal the basic features of a land: the geology, orography, climate, history and anthropology of the people. Apulian bread is made of durum wheat, molded into large shapes. To know it, one must touch and taste its flour, drink the water with which it is kneaded, suck in the salt that flavors it. Then enter the comprimarios, the companionship, the foods that specify the geographical contours of a place, the influences it has enjoyed, the amount of creativity its inhabitants possess. Dried tomatoes in oil, lampascioni, scapece, African cookies, and tarantata, that is, woman bitten by the tarantula, are tasted and by spectators assisted by a gastro-cultural mediator. The tasting follows the mode of sensory tasting conducted in a metaphorical language that broadens the horizons of perception. Thus, the dialogue between Apulian bread and its companion takes place both in the mouth and in the minds of the viewers. Salento and Puglia are also a journey, a landscape that from postcard of atavistic beauty become desolation of dead olive trees due to the Xylella virus, of a place, therefore, to be reinvented and greened up, recreating with respect for the diversity of nature a new harmony. The show can be enjoyed through headphones and the scenes are enriched by videomapping that recreates different rooms and environments from time to time. A path that moves from theater to tradition that becomes innovation

At 9 p.m. kicking off with music in the market area, staging three concerts:

Rachele Andrioli in Choir to Choir

This is an evolving polyphonic singing workshop for women who love to sing directed by Rachele Andrioli. Folk and art music from around the world is traversed, and the therapeutic power of singing is discovered. In an age characterized by fear, uncertainty and apathy, Coro a Coro aims to be a small embankment where music builds bridges, welcomes, soothes. It is a female mixture of voices, culture and entertainment. The female voices of "Coro a Coro" are voices edited by women who love to sing and seek sharing, entertainment, understanding of different languages and traditions of the world, the concept of inclusion and tolerance among people near and far, that is, the need to commune through c anto ancient and current stories of an ever-changing world. A journey led by women's voices to affirm an identity of women who share the everyday, but at the same time seek to emanate a feeling of sisterhood aimed at inclusion, celebration, ritual and care through voice, thus becoming protagonists of cultural productions that aim beyond the ordinary horizon.


"Ballanzè" is a concert dedicated to dance music, conceived and directed by Enza Pagliara. It brings together artists from Salento, Umbria and Sardinia. The voices of Enza Pagliara, Dario Muci, Lucilla Galeazzi and Elena Ledda take turns to sing in Salento, Umbrian and Sardinian. These artists, through their passionate interpretations and commitment to keeping traditions alive, have contributed to spreading the traditional music of their respective regions and preserving their cultural heritage. The lineup boasts the presence of the most well-known and appreciated musicians of Italian world music: with Mauro Palmas (mandola) Gianluca Longo (guitar and mandolin) Giorgio Distante (trumpet and bassotuba) Bruno Galeone (accordion) Vito De Lorenzi (percussion). The stage presence of Viola Centi, dancer and choreographer, transports the audience into a whirlwind of celebration and movement. This concert is a passionate tribute to the dance tradition: from the pizzica to the saltarello, from the tarantella to the round dance, a celebration of the joy that spreads through the notes and dances.  It is an invitation to join a community of hearts beating in unison as the overwhelming energy of folk music awakens the soul and makes the body dance. "BALLANZè'" is a journey through the time and space of our roots, where traditions come together in a harmonious embrace. It is a concert that transports the audience into a collective dance, where music and traditions once again become a universal language that unites and envelops.

Uccio Aloisi Gruppu

Uccio Aloisi was a folk music singer from Cutrofiano, among the most popular and appreciated in the Salento musical tradition. The show is centered on his repertoire of songs and stories, reinterpreted by the musicians of his latest musical group, which strives to reproduce in lyrics and melodies the same values of the old cantor, without giving in to the temptation of contaminations of any kind. These ancestral voices and sounds take us back in time and place and make all spectators dance, participate and enjoy. The group is currently composed of: Domenico Riso (voice and tamburrieddrhu), Luigi Nuzzo (voice and guitar), Max Però (voice and accordion), Antonio Calsolaro (mandolin), Pasquale Pizzolante (tamburrieddrhu).

Ragnatela della Taranta continues Aug. 3 Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve (BR), Aug. 4 Sogliano Cavour, Aug. 5 Nociglia, Aug. 6 Racale, Aug. 7 Cursi, Aug. 8 Alessano, Aug. 9 Ugento, Aug. 10 Sant'Andrea - marina di Melendugno, Aug. 11 Carpignano Salentino, Aug. 12 Nardò, Aug. 13 Galatone, Aug. 14 LECCE, Aug. 16 Zollino, Aug. 17 Galatina, Aug. 18 Castrignano de Greci, Aug. 19 Cutrofiano, Aug. 20 Aradeo for the first time included in the Festival, Aug. 21 Martignano, Aug. 22 Soleto, Aug. 23 Sternatia, Aug. 24 Martano, Aug. 26 CONCERTONE DI MEPIGNANO, Aug. 27 Galatina - Night of the Patrols.

The theme of this 26th edition is IDENTITY, inspired by Italo Calvino, the writer whose centenary since his birth falls this year: "Identity is a bundle of divergent lines that find in the individual the point of interest," wrote Calvino in "Civilizations of Machines." A theme-world to interpret current reality that will be addressed in lectio magistralis by philosopher Umberto Galimberti guest in Martano on Aug. 24, by Tlon philosophers Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici on Aug. 21 in Martignano, by criminal judge Maria Francesca Mariano on Aug. 19 in Cutrofiano, by journalist Marcello Veneziani on Aug. 23 in Sternatia, by theologian Vito Mancuso on Aug. 8 in Alessano, by writer Stefano Massini on Aug. 17 in Galatina, by journalist and writer Angelo Mellone on Aug. 13 in Galatone.

Festival 2023 is dedicated to Luigi Chiriatti, the recently deceased artistic director who worked to the end of his days on the touring Taranta program.


The Itinerant Festival is a cultural project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation funded by REGIONE PUGLIA and PUGLIAPROMOZIONE with the contribution of Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina and the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Diego Carpitella Institute.

The Notte della Taranta Foundation would like to thank the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and the municipalities of Corigliano d'Otranto, Calimera, Sogliano Cavour, Nociglia, Racale, Cursi, Alessano, Ugento, Melendugno, Carpignano Salentino, Nardò, Galatone, Zollino, Galatina, Castrignano de' Greci, Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Martignano, Soleto, Sternatia, Martano, Melpignano and the city of Lecce.

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