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Meeting with Festival artistic director Luigi Chiriatti and Martano Mayor Fabio Tarantino




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On August 25, the traveling festival "La Notte della Taranta" arrives in Martano for its final stage. Now in its 25th edition dedicated to the theme "The Tradition of the New," Italy's largest traveling festival has crossed as many as 21 towns in Salento since Aug. 4, waiting for the long night of the Concertone on Aug. 27 in Melpignano (Le), with the maestro concertmaster DARDUST, in the midst of rehearsal activity these days at the Cinema of Calimera together with the Orchestra della Notte della Taranta.

Before the start of the last concerts of the final stage of the traveling festival, at 8:30 p.m. at Largo Primo Maggio, a meeting will be held with Festival artistic director Luigi Chiriatti and Martano Mayor Fabio Tarantino to take stock of the 21 stages of the festival, which involved 400 artists with 43 pizzica concerts attracting thousands of people, including tourists and Salento residents, to the towns. Immediately afterwards, again on the stage set up in Largo Primo Maggio, as part of the MATRIA project carried out by the Apulia Region, the La Notte della Taranta Foundation oversaw the realization of initiatives aimed at the minorities of Salento's Grecìa region and in collaboration with the Popular Orchestra and the Taranta Dance Corps, produced the show TARANTERS, staged at 9 p.m., with the Salvatore Trinchese High Secondary Education Institute of Martano and with the support of the 12 municipalities of the Union of Salento's Grecìa: Calimera, Carpignano salentino, Castrignano de Greci, Corigliano d'Otranto, Cutrofiano, Martano, Martignano, Melpignano, Sogliano Cavour, Soleto, Sternatia, Zollino. Taranters are student ambassadors of the "language of the affections," the language of their local area, who, thanks to MATRIA, have developed knowledge and awareness of the value of GRICO, managing to transfer the beauty of their cultural heritage to a wider audience. The classes involved initiated a research phase on anonymous or authored lyrics of folk songs in Grico and pizzica dance. The study focused not only on the lyrics of the songs in grico but on their dissemination through modern interpretations. The students' choice fell on: Aremu, Calinitta, Òriamu Pisulina.

The traditional texts will be re-proposed in the original student-written version with the coordination of Professor Mauro Palumbo and in collaboration with Popular Orchestra members Gianluca Longo (mandola), Roberto Chiga (tambourine), Stefania Morciano (singing), with the extraordinary participation of rapper Marmo, pseudonym of Stefano Galiotta, a former student of the Trinchese Institute. The dance section, coordinated by choreographer Mattia Politi and dancer Mihaela Coluccia, will offer three different pictures inspired by the theme of the chosen songs that starting from the traditional pizzica range in modern style.

The TARANTERS are: Davide Terracciano, Emanuele Castrignanò, Luca Sergio on tambourines; Daniele Palumbo on percussion; Luca Aprile, Francesco Lefonso, Gaetano Rescio, acoustic guitars; Gianluigi Marcianò, electric guitar; Alessandro Sergio, clarinet and sax; Domenico Pellegrino, electronic keyboard; Francesca Cezza, Matilde Allegretti, Antonio Cannazza, solo voices; Giacinta Calò, Letizia Calò, Francesca Arcuti, Gilda Vacca, Valentina De Campi, voices; Aurora Curlante, Francesca Pasca, Helena Corlianò, Laura Castrignanò, Paolo Miceli, dancer.


Next up is Nui... Nisciunu, a group of pizzica and Salento folk songs founded in Aradeo in 1999 and since then has been working hard with care, research and passion to carry on the tradition of Salento music. Composing the group are: Giuliano Conte, voice and tambourine; Leandro Guido, voice and guitar; Eleonora De Benedetto, voice; Alessia Liaci, voice; Nico Imboldi, accordion; Mirko Matteo, tambourine; Sarah Monteduro, violin.

The music continues with the musical group Armonia Greca (Ελληνική Αρμονία), is a musical group of the Italo-Hellenic Cultural Center of the Sacred City of Messolonghi, "Nea Koinè." Founded in 2015, it consists of 10 professionals (musicians and singers) and 10 dancers and is directed by the Artistic Director of the "Nea Koinè" Cultural Center, Mo Christos Vlachoyiannis. The repertoire of Greek Harmony, in addition to songs in Greek and in the Salento dialect, consists of music, songs and dances by internationally renowned Greek authors (Theodoràkis, Xarhàkos, Hatzidàkis, Markopoulos), as well as religious songs of the Greek Orthodox Church and songs of the "rembètiko" (Asia Minor) musical style. The elements of the group participating in the Festival are: Chrìstos Vlachogiannis, maestro; Dimitrios Foliàs, bass and guitar; Ioannis Bellos, bouzouki; Evangelos Rodìtis, percussion; Konstantinos Patsialos, pianola; Andreas Chasiòtis, trumpet; Alessandra Chasiòti, clarinet; Lef Dakalakis, pianola and voice; Dimitrios Karavasìlis, dancer; Panagiota Kaponi, dancer; Georgio Skouras, dancer; Nìki Karanìka, dancer; Eugenia Grèntzelou, Katerini Kostì, Ermina Taratsà, Eleni Pismopoulou - voices.


Closing the evening was the long-awaited performance by Stella Grande is a well-established artistic and musical reality, she has won a big bet, masterfully combining a folk tradition with current and passionate poetry. The tools used by the singer, are a great rhythmic and emotional involvement, a marked theatricality, an intense interpretation. Music of tradition but not only, lyrics of tradition but not only. Stella Grande is an artist who looks around, who knows the past, the importance of individual and collective memory and knows that it must be preserved, remembered, but in the present, in everyday reality, and not as a nostalgic memory. With Stella Grande, on stage: Elio Coriano, voice; Ylenia Giaffreda, voice, violin; Marco Giaffreda, voice, bass; Walter Fracella, voice, keyboard; Edoardo Baglivo, voice guitar; Zaira Giangreco, tambourine; Silvia Calò, tambourine; Maria Lucia Chirivì, dance.





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