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The travelling festival 'La Notte della Taranta' arrives in Cursi on 7 August. On the stage in Piazza Pio XII, at 9 pm the evening opens with concerts by Damiano Mulino & Kardia and Tzichì Popolare, Tarantarneo and Dakkamà with Carlo "Canaglia" in Vizio di Forma


Seventh stage of the music web in which art, theatre, debate and dance come together. Started on 1 August, it will run until 27 August through no less than 25 towns and villages in Salento, with over 400 guests including musicians, dancers, actors, writers and philosophers. Stage after stage at the Concertone on 26 August in Melpignano (Le), the long night with concertmaster FIORELLA MANNOIA, but the festival will end on 27 August with La Notte delle Ronde in Galatina.

In Cursi, at 21:00, the following will perform:

DAMIANO MULINO Kardia and Tzichì Popolare

Damiano Mulino is a singer-songwriter from Lecce who has always been passionate about music. He began playing the tambourine at the age of seven, interpreting traditional Salento folk music, a path that over the years has led him to collaborations as an author and songwriter with various names on the Italian scene such as Benji & Fede, Fred De Palma and others. Success with several singles including "Ti porterò a ballare" in the Earone charts for over 20 weeks and the Top 100 most played Italian songs in the year 2019, totalling with his songs, millions of streams on the web. Kardia e Tzichì Popolare is his new live project, in collaboration with Fondazione La Notte Della Taranta, which brings back, in a different and innovative key inspired by the world of word music, songs and sounds typical of the Salento folk tradition, creating a hybrid project. The aim is to pass on in a more modern key, but respecting the fundamental values, a culture that unites us and in which we can find a sense of belonging.



The Tarantarneo, a group of local pizzica and popular music. The name is not just a reference to the Taranta, which is one of the main symbols of this music, but indicates a journey and a musical crossroads between the province of Taranto and the Terra dell'Arneo, stretching from San Pietro in Bevagna to Torre Inserraglio, including the hinterland with Veglie, Leverano, Copertino and Nardò, then going up through Avetrana and Manduria, until reaching the Mascia di Lizzano canal. From the Indiavolata of Nardò to the Taranta of Lizzano, from the Pizzica of Galatone to the Taranta of San Marzano; a journey where the tradition and popular music of the Tarantarneo intersect with the energy of the audience and time stands still in a single emotion. The decision to unite in this project was born in 2017 from the meeting of seven friends from the provinces of Lecce and Taranto with the aim of joining forces and researching, studying and passing on the musical tradition that unites our lands. The line-up is made up of Emanuele Liquori (Voice and Drum), Francesco Pastorelli (Voice and Drum), Giulia Piccinni (Voice), Cosimo Pastore (Voice and Strings), Daniele Giumentaro (Accordion), Giovanni Alemanno (Winds).


Dakkamà and Carlo Canaglia

Dakkamà and Carlo 'Canaglia' bring to the stage Vizio di Forma, a singer-songwriter music project made in Salento that stems from the fusion of traditional musical instruments (tambourine, mandola, accordion and guitar) and pop music instruments such as electric bass, drums and keyboard. The overwhelming rhythm of the pizzica constitutes the fulcrum on which the group experiments and offers a pressing contamination with numerous references to the melodic and singer-songwriter rock scene. With the voice of Giacomo Casciaro, the musical project develops into a contemporary sound, but richly imbued with the canons and musical patterns of popular culture from all over southern Italy. The lyrics of the songs are deliberately written in dialect and often reconcile with the great poetry that Salento has been able to engrave in popular memory over the years.


The Ragnatela della Taranta continues on 8 August Alessano, 9 August Ugento, 10 August Sant'Andrea - marina di Melendugno, 11 August Carpignano Salentino, 12 August Nardò, 13 August Galatone, 14 August Lecce, 16 August Zollino, 17 August Galatina, 18th August Castrignano de Greci, 19th August Cutrofiano, 20th August Aradeo for the first time included in the Festival, 21st August Martignano, 22nd August Soleto, 23rd August Sternatia, 24th August Martano, 26th August CONCERTONE DI MEPIGNANO, 27th August Galatina - Notte delle Ronde. FREE ENTRANCE


The theme of this 26th edition is IDENTITY, inspired by Italo Calvino, the writer whose 100th anniversary of his birth falls this year: "Identity is a bundle of divergent lines that find their point of interest in the individual," wrote Calvino in The Civilisation of Machines. A world-theme for interpreting current reality that will be addressed in lectio magistralis by philosopher Umberto Galimberti guest in Martano on 24 August, by Tlon philosophers Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici on 21 August in Martignano, by criminal judge Maria Francesca Mariano on 19 August in Cutrofiano, by journalist Marcello Veneziani on 23 August in Sternatia, by theologian Vito Mancuso on 8 August in Alessano, by writer Stefano Massini on 17 August in Galatina, by journalist and writer Angelo Mellone on 13 August in Galatone.


Festival 2023 is dedicated to Luigi Chiriatti, the artistic director who passed away recently and who worked until the end of his days on the touring Taranta programme.


The Itinerant Festival is a cultural project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation financed by the PUGLIA REGION and PUGLIAPROMOZIONE with the contribution of the Union of Municipalities of the Grecìa Salentina and the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Diego Carpitella Institute.

The Notte della Taranta Foundation thanks the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and the municipalities of Corigliano d'Otranto, Calimera, Sogliano Cavour, Nociglia, Racale, Cursi, Alessano, Ugento, Melendugno, Carpignano Salentino, Nardò, Galatone, Zollino, Galatina, Castrignano de' Greci, Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Martignano, Soleto, Sternatia, Martano, Melpignano and the city of Lecce.


Main Sponsor: DMJ - DE MARIANI Group


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Technical partner: BUSFORFUN, APOS


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