The BBC has chosen La Notte della Taranta to tell the story of authentic and contemporary music Puglia. The short film produced by BBC, edited by Catharina Moh and hosted by Carmen Roberts will be included in the highly popular program The Travel Show. The British crew filmed rehearsals for the Concertone by the iconic Popular Orchestra and the magnificent Taranta Ballet Corps at the former Convento degli Agostiniani in Melpignano (LE) where the much-anticipated Concertone will be held on August 26.

Completing the BBC story is an interview with ethnomusicologist Gianfranco Salvatore and Popular Orchestra coordinator Gianluca Longo as well as footage of archaeological remains in Lecce's Castromediano Museum depicting tambourines and dancers.

It is a journey into the extraordinary modernity of Puglia's Longest Night, which attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world every year.