The actor SERGIO RUBINI will be the narrator of the Notte della Taranta broadcast on RAI 2 on 28 August at 10:50 pm.

Rubini will lead RAI 2 viewers to discover the beauty of the pizzica that meets the musical themes proposed by the concertmaster Paolo Buonvino for the twenty-third edition of the most anticipated and loved event of the Italian summer.

The Apulian actor, director, screenwriter who in 1987 was chosen by Federico Fellini in Interview (in the role of his alter ego as a young man), the winner with his first work "La Stazione" of the David di Donatello, will be on the set of Melpignano to tell the meeting of the music and dance of Salento with the sounds of the world.

A 90-minute journey into the memory of the event that in 23 years has managed to ferry the ancestral rhythm into the pinch in the modern form of collective sharing. The people of the Night no longer believe in the legendary bite of the tarantula but the spider has become a symbol that creates a new and contemporary ritual around the zoomorphic divinity: the Taranta. “No exorcism, explains the artistic director of the Daniele Durante Foundation, if anything, an adoration rite around the God who dances. Those who arrive in Melpignano or dance at home no longer need to be attacked by an external element to share the ritual. There is no tarantism device in our time but La Notte Della Taranta was the trigger for a new way of conceiving the music and dance of Salento and the Concertone is the lighting of the votive fire of this modern gathering that ends every year at the crack of dawn. In the year in which we are forced to give up the energy of the public, we aim for a program that contemplates the mediation of a narrator ".

A story signed by Massimo Martelli (his last three successful editions of the Sanremo and Sanremo Giovani Festival), author of "Che tempo che fa" and winner of the FIPA at the Cannes Film Festival with the medium-length massacre of Bologna.

All on stage even if strictly without an audience, the guests of 2020: Gianna Nannini, Mahmood, and Diodato. Maestro Paolo Buonvino, author of famous soundtracks, will conduct the Popular Orchestra of the Taranta and the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra.

The direction of the 2020 edition of the Concertone is entrusted to the Genoese Cristiano D’Alisera, fresh from the success of the show "Danza con me" conducted by the dancer Roberto Bolle.

On the natural scene of the former Augustinian Convent of Melpignano, there will be the Salento lights by Mariano Light that have characterized the Concertone since 2012. A network of artistic lights that intertwine with the visual project of the director of photography Marco Lucarelli.

The scenography curated by Giancarlo Sforza is minimalist, designed to bring out and highlight the founding values ​​of the taranta. The circular platform recalls the tambourine, recalls the ancestral rhythm of this land, where the wooden installation lies in front of the suggestive scenery of the former Augustinian Convent. In this particular edition, therefore, unlike the pop stage there will be a more lyrical, theatrical stage, explains Sforza, in which, through the play of different woods, one more precious and one simpler, the materials are embraced, as if to seal that one. 'meeting between two orchestras, the Popular Orchestra of La Notte della Taranta and the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra.


The music of Paolo Buonvino will transcend the symbolic place of the event to reach, through the extraordinary images of the Pisano brothers shot among the wonders of Puglia Montesantangelo (FG), Trani, Bari, and Gallipoli, the places of the soul of thousands of tourists who are waiting to live the most beautiful night of summer 2020.

The executive coordinator of the program is Massimo Bonelli, artistic director of the May Day Concert for several years. The Media partner of the event is RAI.