Al Bano Carrisi will be the narrator of La Notte della Taranta 2021.

The Apulian singer will accompany the viewers of Rai 1, on 4 September at 23:15, on the musical journey of the Melpignano Concert.

In dialogue with the concert masters Enrico Melozzi and Madame, he will help the audience to discover the ancestral power of the pizzica and the beauty of Apulia.

Al Bano will conduct the programme, which will be held in the square of the former Augustinian Convent on 28 August, and will not fail to amaze with his voice, interpreting a song in the Cellino San Marco's dialect.  

It is a show that promises to be full of surprises and important messages entrusted to the writing of the Popular Orchestra, which in recent months has been working on the introduction of contemporary verses into traditional songs that photograph the current situation in Salento.

Dance will play a major role. Choreographer Thomas Signorelli, together with Annalisa Surace's IJO brand, has created the performance by Madame, who will dance the pizzica together with the Taranta Ballet Corps. Yesterday, during the Soleto Festival, Madame surprisingly took the stage with Enrico Melozzi, and to the rhythm of the tambourine began to dance with the Taranta dancers on the song Fuecu.

The Concertone will open with the Pizzica della Liberazione written by maestro Enrico Melozzi to wish the resumption of all cultural activities in the presence of the public. In Melpignano, due to the health emergency, one thousand people from all over Italy will be attending, who have booked access through the platform activated by the Foundation.