From tailoring to jewellery to looks, the excellences of Salento take care of the image on stage

Wide and elegant dresses and to recall tradition and lace, a detail that unites past and present


The Salento tailoring art of Danamò will dress the female voices of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta. Daniela Amoruso, a well-established seamstress from Lecce, set up a craft workshop a few years ago, but the needle and thread are a family art that has been handed down and sews the wefts of Salento history between past and present. Especially that linked to the world of art, dance and theatre. Daniela Amoruso, who since she was a girl grew up in the family workshop where stage dresses were made, a historical reference for dance in the city of Lecce, has embarked on this adventure, this sartorial journey that will take her with her dresses on the stage of the Notte della Taranta. At the Concertone di Melpignano on 26 August, the voices of the Orchestra: Consuelo Alfieri, Alessandra Caiulo, Stefania Morciano, Enza Pagliara, will interpret traditional Salento songs dressed in clothes that represent them but also the land they will be singing, stresses Daniela Amoruso, who together with Anna Sabina Pastore is making the clothes.

Wide skirts that evoke the gracefulness of pizzica skirts, the dresses will be all black and there will be no lack of lace inserts. Because lace is a return to the past, a reworking of the precious lace that decorated occasion dresses in ancient times with a contemporary reinterpretation. Being in the contemporary by enhancing and recalling those details of timeless elegance. Each dress will be customised because it is essential that they reflect the personality of the artists who will be on stage.

Fashion designer Daniela Amoruso and her Danamò tailoring workshop will also take care of all the stage costumes for the Taranta Ballet Corps with the collaboration of Vinicio Attanasi.

And again craftsmanship of excellence, the art of embellishing the look bears the signature of Gioielli futuroRemoto for the voices of the Orchestra of the 26th edition of La Notte della Taranta. The futuroRemoto jewellery designed by Gianni De Benedittis are pieces in silver bathed in gold, sometimes finished with enamels of various colours, handmade using the embossing technique and the use of semi-precious stones and small branches of coral. Accessories designed to support the lightness of bodies dancing to the rhythm of music, using original kinetic elements to express the dynamism of modern life and the lively style of renewed freedom. Just like the bewitching kissing necklaces, with bracelet and ring joined by a chain, inspired by the taste of the Orient; captivating coloured necklaces, often embellished with original pendants consisting of real micro-sculptures and finally intriguing earrings with defined geometric lines.

Clothes, jewellery and of course the final touch for the artists to complete the look on stage: make-up and hairstyles. For the fourth year running, the well-established Officina Paar team of 15 professionals: 7 make-up artists and 8 hair artists will take care of the look of the artists on stage.

This is the team of professionals:

for hairstyles Carla Marti, Nico Anglani, Angela lo Parco, Sabrina Giussani, Roberta Apos, Pasquale Santantonio, Stefano Spinetta, Claudia Di Canosa.

For Make-up: Valentina Pagano, Chiara Longo, Noemi Vetrugno, Eleonora Cucurachi, Elena Giannuzzi, Francesca Canana', Deborah Andretta,

The team, which has been working for some time on research to draw on the trends of the moment and propose them on the Concertone stage, will be inspired by a very natural, but at the same time bold and alternative hair look. The hairstyles will therefore be essential, with almost tribal weaves, skilfully modelled to bring a unique and original look to the stage. On the make-up front, warm earth colours will be used, with a glossy and editorial effect, dark red for the mouth, and then many surprises to enhance the beauty and features of each artist and to create a look that is also effective on TV.