The rehearsals of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta conducted by concertmaster Dardust continue at Cinema Elio in Calimera in anticipation of the final Concertone in Melpignano on August 27, now in its 25th edition, which returns to embrace the audience.  The maestro concertmaster Dardust already since January together with the Resident Orchestra has started the work of research and reinterpretation of the songs of the Salento folk tradition.  "It will be a Taranta as fluid as the contemporaneity we live. I believe that we are in an age whose concept of integration is also fundamental on a cultural level, a multiculturalism of which Stromae has made the basic concept, which is why the choice of the international artist was not accidental, but thoughtful and strongly desired. Stromae on the Concertone stage, Dardust reveals, will propose one of his most famous and well-known pieces, Alor on Danse with forays into Salento folk music. A reinterpretation of the famous song that meets tradition and will be able to surprise and excite the audience.

A fluid, multi-colored and "spatial" Taranta. A spaceship that starts from the past with the decisive and ancestral sound of the tambourine, takes a tour around the world of electronics and projects itself into the future of the pizzica, so that of the maestro concertatore Dardust, who this morning during the rehearsal open to the press presented two songs from the concertone performed by the Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta: pizzica di Aradeo and pizzica di Ostuni.

Also enriching the cast of the August 27 Concertone will be Samuele Bersani, Massimo Pericolo, Studio Murena and Kety Fusco. Super guests Marco Mengoni and Elodie. Together with the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta, the great protagonist of the Concertone, there will be special moments, additional colors, Dardust points out: "a wind section and a string section that will take us to the Balkan world and beyond. A long journey into contamination in the sign of meeting and sharing." A balance between tradition and contemporaneity on which the master concertmaster has been working for some time: "tradition to stay alive needs to be contaminated without betraying tradition." Finally, Dardust did not hide how much the bond with Salento has strengthened in recent months. And after an emotional year of work he concludes, "it will be difficult, returning to Milan after this very strong experience."