The winner of Festival di Sanremo 2020 will be the first guest at Concertone of Notte della Taranta in Melpignano. After a year of success, Diodato is intended to reinterpret the repertory of the tradition of Salento during the final Concertone that will we broadcast on 28th August on Rai 2. Diodato’s performance will be directed by the Maestro Concertatore of Notte della Taranta 2020: Paolo Buonvino. Composer of unforgettable soundtracks, the Sicilian composer will lead the Orchestra Popolare della Taranta and the Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta on 22nd August in the natural background of the ex Convento degli Agostiniani in Melpignano (LE).

Diodato has been chosen also thanks to the shared path between “La Notte della Taranta” foundation and the city of Taranto to support the candidacy of the Ionic city as Capitale della Cultura 2021.

This has been a golden year for the Apulian singer-songwriter. He is the unique Italian artist that has won different prizes during the same edition of Festiva di Sanremo : he won the Festival di Sanremo 2020 with his song “Fai Rumore”, the Premio della critica Mia Martini Sanremo 2020, Premio Sala Stampa Radio Tv e Web Sanremo 2020 and Premio Lunezia, the DAVID DI DONATELLO 2020 “Best original song” and the NASTRI D’ARGENTO 2020 “Best original song” both with “Che vita Meravigliosa”, written by Diodato himself for the movie “La Dea Fortuna” a Ferzan Ozpetek’s production, included with “Fai Rumore” in the record “CHE VITA MERAVIGLIOSA “.

On 16th May Diodato has represented Italy in the show Europe Shine A Light, performing at Arena di Verona with his “Fai Rumore” in an unreleased version arranged just for the occasion and, during that particularly difficult moment, he has been able to raise great emotional feelings. On 22nd May he has published the new single “Un’altra estate” (Carosello Records). The unpublished work, written during the lockdown, talks about a new suspended normality and a changed everyday life, with the gaze of those who look out onto the world from their home windows, looking at what is happening outside from a new point of view, the one of those who are looking outside from the inside. 

Diodato is among the artists who are having a tour in summertime, like some of his colleagues he has decided to restart his live concerts despite the limitations, the tour of Un’altra Estate has started in Valle d’Aosta, will pass through Rome, Tindari and Taormina, Taranto and on 7th and 8th September he will perform at Castello Sforzesco di Milano.