The 118 health plan has been prepared to deal with possible rescue emergencies within the La Notte della Taranta event.  About 200 volunteers will be employed between 118 and the Italian Red Cross.

In the area of the "Health Camp" of about 400 square meters with a total of 26 beds two of which are monitored for the most serious cases (red codes), there will be 4 pneumatic tents of the Italian Red Cross (green hospitalizations)- 1 station for small surgery, 1 triage area tent- 1 pneumatic tent for red codes- 1 ambulance of the 118 that will be stationed on the road section at the Health Camp), 1 ALS 118 ambulance that will be stationed on the road section, at the Health Camp), 2 CRI ambulances that will be stationed on the road section, at the Health Camp) and various logistics vehicles (trolleys, 118 disaster module, 118 pickup truck, etc.  which will be located in the dirt site identified at the side opposite the Sanitarian Camp). There will also be a refreshment tent (outside the Sanitarian perimeter, street level) and visitors' boxes.

There will be 7 peripheral ambulance stations that will be stationed: - SOUTH-EAST Station - parking lot/industrial area (near the access traffic circle from the SS. 16) - west side of the Stage - guest area - east side of the Stage - AGIP/ENI SS. 16 Station (arrival/departure South-East Bus) - Central area corridor of the Audience area (free area separation corridor). Personnel employed to ensure emergency rescue will also be ready in the management of maxi emergencies in coordination with the 118 Operations Center.