The "Taranta" turtle of the "Caretta Caretta" species, cared for in the sea turtle recovery center of the Torre Guaceto (BR) Reserve, was released last night in the sea of Penna Grossa at the opening of the acoustic concert of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta.

An exciting surprise for the audience, announced by the president of the Reserve Rocky Malatesta, who emphasized the extraordinariness of a magical evening, full of emotions linked to music with the suggestions of an extraordinary place, in full respect of the ecosystem and the protected species that inhabit it and are found in a more distant area. It was not easy, but we did it, said Malatesta, reiterating the originality of this appointment, included in the special project "The Humanity of Water," which in Apulia is a highway of humanity, a highway with the forma fluens that, crossing the pipelines of the Apulian aqueduct, influences the life of Apulia, the gestures and language of its inhabitants. Water with its incessant flow that becomes sound punctuated the rhythm of the acoustic concert, accompanying notes, voices and dance steps of the dancers of the Notte della Taranta Dance Corps. Next appointment with the project related to the theme of water on August 10 from the iconic Sant'Andrea Bay.