IRMA DI PAOLA CHOREOGRAPHER - From Eurovision to the Melpignano Concert

It will be the Apulian Irma Di Paola who will sign the choreographies of the Notte della Taranta Concert scheduled on August 27 in Melpignano (Le).

After the fascinating performance created for Diodato at the Eurovision Song Contest, the Taranto-born choreographer lands on the Taranta stage to create ten paintings on the songs proposed by concertmaster Dardust. From August 7, she will be in the rehearsal room in Castrì di Lecce, with the Taranta Ballet Corps and six professional dancers to make the dance of the pizzica, once again, the key to contemporary choreographic interpretation of traditional folk texts.

"On occasions like these, the expression 'feeling' honored is often used automatically, perhaps losing some of its value. But never more than in this moment, the word 'honor' is the only possible one to define what I feel from the moment my happy wish was fulfilled: to work for my land and in the places where I come from, on the occasion of such an iconic event that is so important for the culture of this territory and the whole country. And it is an honor to have been called upon to make visual the alchemy of musical elements that master concertmaster Dardust has masterfully created to celebrate together 25 years of la Notte della Taranta, said Irma di Paola, during the press conference held in Corigliano d'Otranto at the opening of the Itinerant Festival. My instruments will be 16 dancers, a perfect mix of pizzica dancers and hip-hop and contemporary dancers. The contamination of styles, musically so evident and powerful, will give me the opportunity to work on the atavistic and primordial feeling, the precious engine of the Notte della Taranta, but through the eyes and bodies of those immersed in the contemporary. Tradition and the present become allies and the gaze to the future can light up with wonder."

Established creative director Irma Di Paola began to take her first steps by debuting with Simona Ventura on Quelli che il Calcio, continuing then in successful productions such as Quello che Non Ho with Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano, Capitani Coraggiosi with Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi, and again Le dieci Cose with Flavio Insinna, Maledetti Amici miei with Giovanni Veronesi, Alessandro Haber, Rocco Papaleo, Sergio Rubini, and Margherita Buy. She boasts three Sanremo Festivals she has curated. She collaborates on the choreographies for Amici il serale and Danza con me with Roberto Bolle. There is no shortage of theater in her career, with Enrico Brignano's Enricomincio da me and Le storie di Claudia with Claudia Gerini. For film he directs choreography for Checco Zalone's Tolo Lolo, Gianni Amelio's Hammamet, Ozpetek's La Dea Fortuna and many others. He choreographs the most famous commercials for Tim and many other brands. Very important over the years has been his collaboration with choreographer, director, artistic director Luca Tommassini for the realization of various projects, such as the RAI special of Andrea Bocelli Ali di Libertà at Teatro del Silenzio, the Bulgari Cinemagia event. She curates the choreography for the Riki Mania Tour and is the artistic director of Rocco Hunt's Freedom + Revolution Tour. In 2012 with Adriano Bettinelli and Luca Paoloni she gives life to a unique project: Effetto Domino. Thus was born Evento Domino, one of the most coveted and important events in Italy in the sector, with the intent to promote and support artistic projects made in Italy for choreographers and dancers.

In 2016 he opened the doors of Il Deposito Studio in Rome, a multipurpose center for professional and amateur dancers, aimed at supporting physical and mental well-being, as well as the first dance school for the deaf using the Lisda method. In 2020, together with her partner, psychologist Ambra Bianchini, they created the Viscera method that combines dance and the inner world of the dancer.