There will be rapper Massimo Pericolo on stage at the Notte della Taranta for the 25th edition of the Concertone scheduled for Aug. 27 in Melpignano, Salento.

Followed by the very young and considered one of the new "Big Thing" of the Italian music scene, Pericolo, who has already collaborated in the past with maestro concertmaster Dardust, brings his bare and forthright writing before the audience of two hundred thousand expected on the square of the former Convento degli Agostiniani. "For me, it is essential to tell what I know: knowledge is experience, it means that in a creative process not only the mind, representation, but the whole sensitive dimension of an individual's existence is involved," says Massimo Pericolo in The Lord of the Woods, his first book released by Rizzoli. A photographic autobiography in which the rapper recounts the difficult period of childhood in the province of Varese, the discovery of literature and the arrival of success.

After collaborations with Fabri Fibra in "Star Wars" (Platinum Record) in 2020 Massimo Pericolo collaborated with many artists from the Italian scene, Mahmood, Achille Lauro, Tedua, Jake La Furia, Emis Killa, Lazza, Madame, Speranza, Chicoria, Tony Effe and Touché. In 2021 with a new single "Bugie" he marks his entry on the Sony Music Italy label and anticipates "Solo Tutto," his second album with collaborations with Salmo, Madame, JLord and Venerus released on March 26 finishing at No. 1 on the FIMI chart of best-selling albums in Italy and certified Platinum Record. On September 9, Massimo Pericolo was honored at the Arena di Verona for the Seat Music Awards with the song "Bugie," taken from his latest album, and the featuring "L'ultima volta," contained within the album by Emis Killa and Jake la Furia. The artist thus confirms himself again with his innate stage presence capturing the attention of the spectators present at the concert and beyond the screen.

With the announcement of international guest STROMAE and Italian singer-songwriter SAMUELE BERSANI, the cast of the Notte della Taranta 25, is enriched by the presence of PERICOLO, highlighting, once again, how the Concertone is a multitude of languages and cultures marked by the rhythm of the pizzica. A choice that stems from reading Pericolo's words from his book, "Imagining that we believe in something keeps us hooked on life. It is when the truth of nothingness resurfaces that you feel that something resembling the feeling of plummeting into the void that is depression. Depression comes when you remember that you are fooling yourself. I decide to hang in there, make a pact with life and slowly begin to realize how much the outcome of an endeavor depends on me, on my perception." [...] "The concert, for example, is a moment of exaltation, of asceticism, if you do it well it amplifies your state of mind of well-being, if you do it badly on the contrary it increases the feeling of discomfort."

After Clementino in 2018, Guè Pequeno 2019 and Madame in 2021, also in 2022 La Notte della Taranta will engage the audience of the very young with Pericolo choosing its lyrics, "In all the little towns of the world I'm in my place and I pray to the lord of the woods. And if you leave, you leave just to feel alive. But you never forget where you were a child."

 In the rehearsal room set up in Calimera's Cinema Elio, the Orchestra Popolare continues its musical quest to enchant the Melpignano audience by moving from traditional pizziches to the public's most beloved ballads with an in-depth look at Pier Paolo Pasolini's Canzoniere Italiano and a tribute to Vito Nigro the cantor of Villa Castelli and Cordella's pizzica. Orchestra singers Enza Pagliara, Antonio Amato, Stefania Morciano, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Alessandra Caiulo, Salvatore Galeanda and Consuelo Alfieri are engaged in a journey of harmonizing voices with noted composer and conductor Valeriano Chiaravalle. The texts chosen by Dardust for the 25th edition will also be a dancing journey entrusted to choreographer Irma Di Paola and 16 dancers. The set design, signed by Massimo Calzavara, encapsulates the message of the 2022 edition: tradition embraces contemporary language by introducing futurist visions thanks to the collaboration with Filippo Rossi professional show designer and Mauro Bubbico the anthropologist of Italian design.

Concertone La Notte della Taranta is a cultural project of musical and choreographic research produced by Fondazione La Notte della Taranta with the support of Regione Puglia, Puglia Promozione, Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa salentina, and Istituto Diego Carpitella.

Thanks to a collaboration with Acquedotto Pugliese, the Concertone area will be served by public water distribution. The Festival's mobility is zero-emission thanks to the technical support of DMJ Gruppo De Mariani, which provided the electric cars.

Taranta Solidale project continues, which in 2015 together with Granarolo distributed basic necessities for migrants hosted by the Caritas of Otranto, in 2016 enabled the reconstruction of the Music School in Amatrice destroyed by the earthquake, in 2017 helped Unicef, in 2018 with Intesa Sanpaolo it purchased a platform needed by the Pediatric Oncohematology Department of the Vito Fazzi Hospital in Lecce, in 2019 again with Intesa Sanpaolo and Legambiente it allocated with RigeniAmo la Natura funds for the enhancement of 4 natural oases in southern Italy: Baia di Torre Squillace in Puglia, Dune di Sovereto in Isola Capo Rizzuto, the Oasi dei Variconi in Castelvolturno, and Costa Ionica Foce Cavone in Pisticci.

In 2022 Taranta Solidale in collaboration with the Olivami Association will create the Taranta Park: 1,500 new olive trees in the countryside of Carpignano Salentino to help rebuild the Salento landscape. In the Parco della Taranta that can be visited, all the trees will have the names of the guest artists of Festival and Concertone.

How to get to the Concertone:

By train: Ferrovie Sud Est has activated special train service to reach Melpignano and comfortably find return rides until dawn: Notte della Taranta 2022 (


By bus: BusFor Fun from major Italian cities


With your own vehicle you will be able to reserve parking in Melpignano



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