Record-breaking numbers for the mega stage of the Melpignano Concert: this year's structure is a first as it is one of the most capable support structures in the world: 33m wide by 18m deep with a 24x20 roof capable of supporting 40 tons of weight. Same type of structure, again made of aluminum, was adopted as the solution for the repeater towers compared to the traditional multidirectional ferrous steel systems. Important numbers also for video: more than 240sqm of LED video planned with the activation of 10 extraordinary ENEL utilities in addition to the 4 power generators used for services and shows. The construction works of the mega stage in Melpignano on which, on August 26, the guest artists and the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta directed by the master concertmaster Fiorella Mannoia will perform during the 26th edition of La Notte della Taranta, began immediately after mid-August and are continuing at a fast pace thanks to a team of specialized technicians who are carrying out the project.

A majestic stage ready to welcome the Orchestra and guest artists and a video narration with graphic design of the visuals that will tell in images sounds and rhythms of the most awaited night of the Apulian summer. And in this case, the choice of a major company that has established itself in the economic capital of Italy and has become known and appreciated in Italy and Europe in the sector, is not accidental. The Notte della Taranta Foundation entrusted the task to internationally established Salento excellence: the Milan-based production company MaTi srl. headed by Angelo and Carolina Stamerra Grassi both from Salento who design shows and concerts all over the world. A team of graphic designers created the digital sets for the concert. Art direction Claudia Andreoli, artistic coordination: Carolina Stamerra Grassi. From the ceramic majolica of Grottaglie to the lighthouses of Salento, from the struggles of the tabacchine to the starry skies of Puglia, from the flowers of Terlizzi's greenhouses to the waves of the sea surrounding the Salento peninsula, the sequence of images projected in the mega video walls will be a dreamlike journey through the liquid highway of Puglia: water. A central theme in Taranta's long itinerant journey that began in Corigliano d'Otranto, continued alongside the sea in the stages of Sant'Andrea and San Cataldo, and will land in the Concertone with the anthem linked to the water resource "l'acqua de la funtana."