200 volunteers from the Italian Red Cross and 8 medical staff including doctors and nurses from 118 to deal with emergencies during the Final Concert in Melpignano on 26 August. CRI volunteers and medical personnel are ready to assist spectators attending the 26th edition of the event and deal with emergencies. In the 'Health Camp' area of about 400 square metres, 25 beds are available for in-patients, and there are also two first- and second-level assistance stations. The technology used at the Melpignano Concert is advanced, specifies Dr. Maurizio Scardia, head of the 118 emergency services in the province of Lecce, an emergency structure that just this year celebrated 20 years of activity in the province (on 1 March). There will be defibrillators, the possibility of carrying out electrocardiograms with online reporting, and the technology used will be in continuous connection with the 118 emergency call centre. There will be a total of ambulances, including those belonging to the 118 emergency services and those of the Red Cross, stationed at strategic points in the concert area, and six itinerant teams in the audience, equipped with defibrillators, ready to intervene in case of need.