MADAME, the new free voice of Italian music, Generation Z's symbol and ENRICO MELOZZI, the conductor who won Sanremo with Måneskin, are the concert masters of La Notte della Taranta 2021.

Madame and Melozzi will direct the show scheduled for August 28 in Melpignano, in the region of Puglia, which will be broadcast for the first time by RAI 1, on September the 4th at 10:30 pm. A new musical research challenge for La Notte della Taranta Foundation which for 24th edition of the Concertone aims at mixing popular language and urban rock, which is why it determines gender parity on the podium, bringing traditional songs in search of inclusion and fluidity.

The topic of the Concertone 2021 is the value of freedom.

Madame, with her debut album, has become an innovative breaking point in the urban scene for the originality of her style, committed to build a unique musical path, demonstrating that it is neither age nor genre that define the talent of an artist. Madame, the winner of the 2021 Tenco award for best first work and best single song, is today the emblem of the renewal of Italian pop.

Enrico Melozzi, defined as the new Hector Berlioz, the protagonist of a very successful artistic partnership with Giovanni Sollima, in 2012 gave life to 100Cellos, a revolutionary and visionary project. Creator of the innovative format "Rave of Classical Music", he founded the Clandestina Night Orchestra in Rome which in 2021, in full lockdown, became the first "widespread orchestra" in Europe.

Stories of creative, artistic, and cultural freedom that mix with the founding vision of the Notte della Taranta: promoting innovative musical paths.


Here are the reasons to choose the Notte della Taranta Foundation:

Madame is the symbol of a fluid generation, able to synthesize the most disparate themes and influences in a personal way, reflecting itself in a deliberately broken mirror in which to discover a new image of oneself each time. The dialogue with her will bring the Popular Orchestra to confront the beauty of her music and her language in the balance between poetry and reality.

Madame's words chosen by Taranta: “I looked for my answers in the books. I love words, they are a cure and also a blade, so much so that it makes me more proud to be an author than to go on stage. I like to choose the words and create something like the chef does with the ingredients for a dish. I fish from the extraordinary Italian culture that has been at the center of the world for centuries. Dante is a rare talent ”.


Melozzi is one of the most qualified conductors in Italy. In its activity, it has favored the open stage, shared projects with companies, artists, operators, independent spaces to experiment with participatory planning in training and self-training places, such as the Valle Theater, where access to knowledge and quality are guaranteed. to everyone.

The words of Melozzi chosen by Taranta: “We make wooden theaters, even warehouses, as long as they are spaces dedicated exclusively to culture. Music, theater, cinema, art in all its forms makes the difference between living and surviving. It is in moments of serious crisis that the greatest cultural movements in history have exploded. Let's take culture as the first step towards restarting ”.


The artistic direction of Concertone 2021, after the death of Daniele Durante, was entrusted to the Popular Orchestra.


The Concertone Notte della Taranta is a cultural project of the La Notte della Taranta Foundation, Union of Municipalities of Salento Greece, Diego Carpitella's Institute with the support of the Puglia Region, Puglia Promotion, Pugliese Public Theater, Apulia Film Commission.

Official hashtags: # taranta24 #WeAreinPuglia