Everything is ready for the final Concertone finale in Melpignano directed by concertmaster Fiorella Mannoia. As always, the organisational machine is working at full speed to guarantee safety and services for the people who will attend the 26th edition of La Notte della Taranta. 1173 people including technicians, production services, security, porterage, cleaning, stage, dressing rooms, tailoring, hair and make-up, communication, internal staff, and traffic are at work to ensure that the impressive event takes place in complete safety.

The road network plan is in place: the buses that will reach the town of Melpignano must necessarily enter Melpignano in a southerly direction, entering on State Road 16 (near the industrial area). To avoid queues or traffic jams on the SS 16, vehicles arriving in Melpignano will not enter the parking areas directly, but will take a short route on a slip road in the industrial zone.

Since the only access allowed is from the south, buses arriving from Lecce near the Cursi junction will have to make a sort of U-turn to get back onto State Road 16. Parking for people with disabilities has been identified in a dedicated area: via Salento and some neighbouring streets near the Concertone stage. The camper van area has been placed near the sports field. Access is through the industrial area. Vehicular traffic will be prohibited from 16.00 on 25 August. Those arriving from the SS16 will have to use the car parks set up in the industrial area to reach the performance area only via Via Salento and Via dell'Annunziata. S.r.l., a leading national innovative startup in the field of mobility and logistics for mass events, active in the field since 2017, has set up an ad hoc parking area in the vicinity of the event for the "La Notte della Taranta" Concert. The car park can be easily booked on the website on the dedicated page The car park is scheduled to open at 14:00 and access is allowed through three gates. Below is useful information for correct traffic flow and to limit traffic as much as possible.

- SOUTH gate (opening at 14:00, closing at 01:00)

Access: State Highway 16 Adriatica - exit industrial area at Autosat

- NORTH passage (opening at 14:00, closing at 20:00)

Access to gate: Statale 16 Adriatica - exit Melpignano industrial area

- WEST passage (opening at 14:00, closing at 23:00)

Access to gate: Maglie ring road

Access for heavy vehicles (camper vans, caravans, buses, minibuses) is only permitted from the South Gate.

Vehicles with trailers will not be allowed access.

It is strongly recommended to arrive at the parking areas well in advance, preferably before 18:30.

he organisational machine, set in motion many months ago, also provided for the presence of people with disabilities, to whom an ad hoc space was allocated. This is thanks to the partnership with 'L'Integrazione', a cooperative for services to the disabled, led by Veronica Calamo. To the cooperative, we owe the creation of the AbilFesta brand, the first national brand for event accessibility, born thanks to the experience and intuition of the operators coordinated by President Calamo to support event organisers in outlining some guidelines aimed at making an event accessible, to allow persons with disabilities to move independently from their families and, in case of need, to be supported by a qualified escort. At the "concertone", therefore, it will be possible to participate supported by qualified professional figures who will take care of accompanying people with disabilities directly to their assigned place: Social and Health Workers, educators, psychologist.

The services of Abil Festa will be at La Notte della Taranta will be.


Reserved parking spaces

Operator present in the concert area

Info Point and reception

Accessible toilets

Free wheelchair rental service

Assistance from operators during the event.

"We would like to thank the Fondazione Notte della Taranta," says the president of L'Integrazione, "for the trust placed in our AbilFesta brand and in what our cooperative has been able to offer in terms of support and services for years now. We have worked well and in harmony, they have trusted in our experience,' adds Veronica Calamo, 'and we are certain that this event can only give unforgettable emotions to those who will rely on the work of our operators.

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