Paolo Buonvino will be the Maestro Concertatore of Notte della Taranta 2020.

The Sicilian composer will lead the Orchestra Popolare on 22nd August in the big square of the ex Convento degli Agostiniani in Melpignano (LE).

Author of unforgettable soundtracks for the cinema movies, Buonvino  today is in Salento for the first meeting with the musicians.

This is a new challenge for the Foundation that aims to the mixture between popular and well-read language, the same that has brought Buonvino to compose successful hit like the recent Renaissance for Skin, soundtrack for the TV series “I Medici” and in the past “Eppure Sentire” sang by Elisa, “Baciami Ancora” for Jovanotti, “Tutto può succedere” with Giuliano Sangiorgi. 

Buonvino, rewarded at David di Donatello with the “Best musician in 2008” prize, for the movie “Caos Calmo”, will turn the square of Taranta into the biggest cinema where stories narrated through the traditional texts, will intertwine with the audience’s emotions in a feature film of exceptional scenes fostered by the energy of pizzica, soundtrack of the Apulia rebirth. 

 “I am very glad to start today this journey with La Notte della Taranta” has told Buonvino when meeting the Orchestra. “I have wanted this adventure to start very soon because the meeting with musicians, studious and professionals, could be as furthered and intense as possible. Symbol of union and healing, pizzica offers the starting point to elaborate a synthesis of values deeply belonging to me. Apulia, so as my Sicily, is an amazing and unique territory rich in history; I am very proud for being called to bring my musical imagery inside your meaningful traditions. The energies and the interior motivations are the profound incentive bringing me here, I hope we will give on the 22nd August the best synthesis of everything we will get to create connecting our stories and our sensibilities. We will give the music the authentic and fundamental role of making us feeling connected together”.

The maestro concertatore, during his week in Salento will visit the cities throughout Grecìa salentina.

 “We asked Buonvino to celebrate our age projecting it in the future, mixing ancient sounds with rhythms and arrangements expressing the passion of Notte della Taranta and its protagonists” explains the president of the Massimo Manera Foundation highlighting how the multi-year scheduling allows the maestro to work on Concertone for nine months. “De facto, the choice of a composer is determined by the willing to give the audience the result of a musical research on the field”.

At the end of the first reharse section with Orchestra Popolare, Friday 13th December at 12:00 in the Foundation headquarter in Melpignano (Le), maestro Paolo Buonvino will participate at the press conference  with the president of Regione Puglia Michele Emiliano and the regional assessor for the touristic and cultural business Loredana Capone, to announce the theme of the 2020’s edition.