Excellence from Salento to enhance the look that the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta will bring to the stage at the August 27 Concertone in Melpignano. Historic and renowned companies that have always operated in the area and invested in this land and its resources will contribute to the realization of the event.

The female voices of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta will wear outfits created ad hoc by costume designer Rosanna Calcagnile, founder of the first Salento design academy in Lecce in 1984. The Calcagnile Academy has trained thousands of designers who work today in major brands. Firmly believing that the academy is the place where ideas are dressed and young people realize their dreams, costume designer Rosanna Calcagnile is working together with her staff Santa Scioscio, professor of design, and Dolores Mauro, professor of "Alta Moda sartoriale" technique, to create the outfits for the five female voices. "The project "Notte della Taranta" after a necessary dialogue with the female artists, intends to express through an accurate analysis of material research those aesthetic values of craftsmanship and design in full respect of the body to give the final product without mortifying the wearability and gesture in the context of the chosen spaces, that new value of uniqueness.I am fully convinced that Fashion is social and cultural commitment, an inseparable combination for me. The Academy I founded in 1984 is a "strategic partner " of the philosophy degree course, has a pact of collaboration with the Polobibliomuseale Museo Castromediano Lecce , in partnership with the Niksic Museum and in residence with the project "All the colors of Montenegro," explains the costume designer.

On the Melpignano stage come the Futuro Remoto creations that bewitched Ferzan Opzetek. Even Madame who will be the presenter of the event together with Gino Castaldo who we will see on Rai 1 on September 1, when La Notte della Taranta will be televised, will wear the jewelry made by Gianni De Benedittis. The creations that the designer thought up for the singers of the 25th edition of La Notte della Taranta to be held in Melpignano, Saturday, August 27, 2022, are all silver and gold pieces, designed in 3D and handmade using the technique of microcasting and pressing form, with experimental interventions of ethical silver and gold, respecting the principle of sustainability. "The jewelry I have chosen for the Notte della Taranta," De Benedittis explains, "is inspired by myth, which has always accompanied music in all its expressions: not only as tale and legend, but also as invention, construction and journey of renewed knowledge, for the recovery of those distant roots that make the heart beat. Ancient leaf motifs, in the embossed decorations of the tall rigid bracelets, return on the small modules of the imposing breastplates; just as inveterate symbols of shells and crowns mark the style of earrings and rings." A blatant reference to the classical are the micro-sculptures of the pendants, depicting the myths that have always made us dream, such as the winged horse of Pegasus that, leapt out of the neck of the gòrgon Medusa, by the irony of Gianni De Benedittis' creative fate, returns to the necks of the most vain women; or the god Hermes, messenger of the gods who, with his wings at his feet, will hopefully return to bring us the most eagerly awaited news quickly, and perhaps turn everything he touches into gold.

Complementing the image and look of the artists are the hairstyles and make-up by Officina Paar, which for the third year in a row is an official partner for La Notte della Taranta.

8 Hair stylists and 4 Makeup-Artists , coming from all over Puglia, will work together with directors and the choreographer to represent at their best also the paintings and choreographies signed by Irma Di Paola. For the Corps de Ballet, they opted for a contamination of styles, from the nude look to the classic Make-up glow, highlighting the mouth with a dark red lipstick.

The hairlook, on the other hand, will have a very natural effect, with a double texture, wet effect on the top and maximum freedom of movement and expression on the lengths.

For the voices of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta on the other hand, the style will definitely be clean and essential with details that will characterize and personalize everything and some " surprise" effects. Here is the busy staff for the long Notte della Taranta. Make-up Artis: Valentina Pagano, Chiara Longo, Deborah Andreatta, Noemi Vetrugno. Hair stylists: Roberta Apos, Carla Marti, Nico Anglani, Angela Loparco, Elisa Santoro, Renato Diella, Sabrina Giussani, Stefano Spinetta.

The choice of costumes for the Corps de Ballet is by choreographer Irma di Paola and coordination by Vinicio Attanasi, who also made the original hats that are the protagonists of the choreographic picture on the theme of Fuecu, the powerful pizzica written by Daniele Durante to celebrate the Focàra of Novoli.