the international star, returns live to Italy on Saturday, August 27, for a special appearance as a guest of the Notte della Taranta in Melpignano (Le), directed by maestro DARDUST.

The multifaceted artist, fresh from the recent release of Multitude, his latest album, will perform for an unmissable, unique and extraordinary performance on the stage of the historic Salento festival, which this year returns to embrace the public and will be broadcast by RAI 1, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 11:15 pm.

Announcing the twenty-fifth edition's super guest during the Festival 2022 presentation press conference were Apulia Region President Michele Emiliano and Master Concertmaster Dardust.

"I thought from the beginning that Stromae was the perfect testimonial for this twenty-fifth anniversary of the Notte della Taranta, Dardust explained. Stromae has made his mark on the world music scene by doing unprecedented stylistic contamination work by bringing together tradition and contemporaneity and musical worlds far apart, arguing that multiculturalism is a treasure to be preserved and spread. The title of his latest album is 'Multitude,' and I think this word can perfectly represent the concept of the recoding and musical contamination work done this year, which still has the idea of always keeping the Popular Orchestra and the repertoire of the Notte della Taranta at the center and then making them travel through space and time. And this is exactly what Stromae does by always emphasizing the multiplicity of musical influences he uses in his works, with the aim of creating a blend of pop and world music, although as he himself says 'I don't think the expression world music makes sense anymore: the truth is that we live in an era in which pop is itself world music.' What we will give the audience of the Notte della Taranta is the very essence of the ritual that returns to be celebrated in the square, embracing the galaxy of the audience, a multitude of stories that moves."

"The Notte della Taranta is an international event strongly linked to our traditions," said Apulia Regional President Michele Emiliano, "every time we descend into an arena, very complex and fascinating at the same time. Thanks to Dardust for being with us and especially for having obtained the availability of Stromae, who almost seems to embody the oldest Apulian identity. It is very important for us to accept these challenges, because Puglia is an infinite set of contaminations of which we can only appreciate the beauty and take on, as the maestro is doing, the task of moving forward, without betraying this method. This strengthens the overall hold of humanity, strengthens politics, economics, culture. Many thanks to Massimo Manera, the mayor and the whole extraordinary team of La Notte della Taranta, which is once again making the cultural glory of Apulia."


"Music is a universal language, and La Notte della Taranta has become an expected event all over the world, so attractive that it has become a travel motivation. Each song, in dialect, allows the local archaic language to be kept alive and vital with a view to rediscovering traditions in order to fully promote the territory. We are proud to be able to celebrate with the Foundation the 25 years of the Notte della Taranta, said Pugliapromozione general manager Luca Scandale,which will be the starting point of another window wide open on new sounds of music, dance, and root culture also because of the broadcast of the event on Rai1 with the support of Pugliapromozione and #weareinpuglia."

An innate alchemist of opposites, the Rwandan-born Belgian singer-songwriter, described as one of the most intriguing and complete performers in the pop environment, Stromae has found the magic formula for mixing rap, afrobeat and Francophone lyrics without forgetting tradition. The albums Cheese (2010) and Racine Carrée (2013), led by the titles Alors On Danse, Papaoutai and Formidable, exceeded all expectations, filled concert halls and conquered dance floors: 4 million albums sold (including 3.5 million physical sales). Stromae has received countless awards, including four Victoires de la Musique, four NRJ Awards, an MTV Award, and has accomplished such historic feats as filling New York's prestigious Madison Square Garden. To date, his discography has some 6.5 billion streams worldwide. Multitude is the other avenue in which Stromae explores the world while remaining firmly connected to his roots. He recently released the new single Mon Amour with the resounding summer collaboration, that with Cuban-born global pop star Camila Cabello.


La Notte della Taranta is a project of the Fondazione Notte della Taranta supported by Regione Puglia, Grecìa salentina, Pugliapromozione.

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