At the August 27 concert in Melpignano (LE), the popular orchestra la Notte della Taranta hosts: the Milan-based collective Studio Murena AND Kety Fusco, a Tuscan musician who defies convention by using her harp, in an innovative way.

Studio Murena is a project of the collective born in Milan in 2018 and composed of five musicians from the conservatory Amedeo Nan (electric guitar), Maurizio Gazzola (electric bass), Matteo Castiglioni (keyboards and synth), Marco Falcon (drums) and Giovanni Ferrazzi (electronics, sampler) who with their original sound will contribute to the realization of a very special version of the traditional Salento song Secuta Secuta. And if the Milanese band among its hits boasts "Harp and Drum," it is Kety Fusco's harp that will intervene on another traditional Aremu musical piece to scan the ancestral rhythm of Salento music by accompanying the powerful sound of tambourines with the refined, yet scratchy notes of her harp. These are of the first two guests of the Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta who will take the stage at the August 27 Melpignano concert, now in its 25th edition and directed this year by Dardust, who these days, is rehearsing with the Orchestra residing at the cinema in Calimera the repertoire of the highly anticipated concert, open again and free to the public, after two years of restrictions. The international guest will be Stromae, announced in recent days; instead, the event will be broadcast by Rai 1 on Sept. 1 at 11:15 p.m.

"A little Italian miracle," is how critics have called Studio Murena, a collective that was born in Milan in 2018 by five musicians from the conservatory: After releasing its first work, Crunchy Bites, the group immediately has the opportunity to perform on big stages such as Jazz MI, MusicalZOO and Jazz On The Road. Later, the idea moves towards darker sounds by including MC Carma in its lineup, who characterizes the project with rap verses of conscious and committed intention. Over the course of 2019 the group obtains numerous gratifications, materializing then the possibility of sharing important stages with artists of depth such as The Comet is Coming, , Davide Shorty & Funk ShuiProject and Inoki. Proudly representing all the realities included in his personal sound, the group last in the studio during the pandemic the work for the release of his new project, which, thanks to the collaboration with Costello's, begins an upward path full of satisfaction. The first signs come from Alessio Bertallot, who places the official singles "Password" and "Harp and Drum" within his program Casa Bertallot. Soon after is the turn of Ghemon, who includes "Harp and Drum" in his playlist on the New Scene created for Tidal. With the new singles "Marble," "Eclipse" and "Long John Silver," released between July and November 2020, the value of the collective is officially certified, which arrives at the presentation of the new album "Studio Murena" (Costello'sRecords, The Orchard) with no less than two tracks featured on Spotify's prestigious Global Jazz Rap playlist. THE band has already collaborated with Dardust, for a recording session at Officine Meccaniche in Milan under the guidance and supervision of Taketo Gohara for the artist's new record. Following this experience, in December 2022, the band closes the year with a DJ set for Tommy Hilfiger and Radio Raheem at People's Place in Milan.

From Pisa to Europe, Kety Fusco has taken the international avant-garde scene by storm, and under Caterina Caselli's Sugar Music label she released her first album DAZED in 2020 (with Universal distribution and production by Swiss Grand Prix of Music nominee Aris Bassetti), thanks to which she was nominated for three categories during the last Swiss Live Talents Awards in Bern (CH) and played her compositions in the hall of the Federal Parliament in Bern. KEty Fusco's music is a mix of perseverance and passion, electronic music sometimes to dance to on the one hand and organic research applied to experimentation and contemporary music on the other. Fusco also opened the Locarno Film Festival with an original transcription of the Swiss anthem. In the midst of the global pandemic, despite the interruption of live music, Kety Fusco was then called upon to perform a transcription of Ennio Morricone for the Heroes festival, performing at the Arena di Verona. Fusco reached one of the biggest milestones of her career in 2021, when she was invited by the United Nations to the SDG Global Festival of Action, virtually sharing the stage with Patti Smith and Ben Harper.