TANANAI will be on stage at the Notte della Taranta on August 26 in Melpignano in the Concertone directed by Fiorella Mannoia.
17 platinum records, nearly 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 110 million views on YouTube, Alberto Cotta Ramusino, real name of the artist, after the success of "Tango," certified triple platinum, is considered one of the biggest revelations in the music scene of 2022.
The artist lands in the most important European event of popular culture, which attracts two hundred thousand spectators every year, to pay homage to the pizzica. Accompanied by the renowned Notte della Taranta Orchestra, Tananai will perform the overwhelming Pizzica di Aradeo and the grico song Ri lo la la.

One of the most promising talents in Italian music, Tananai, which in Lümbard dialect means "cackle, great confusion," has accepted the challenge of singing not only in Salento dialect but in Grico, the minority language of the Hellenophone area of Salento, but there will be no shortage of verses from the Milanese singer-songwriter who has been winning over audiences for the past two years.

"A young talent who has taken up a special invitation of tradition and culture. I am happy to celebrate with him this ancestral and always modern rite," comments Fiorella Mannoia, the master concertmaster who has been in Salento for a few hours to meet the Popular Orchestra.
The Concertone will involve the Melpignano audience in an experience as always unique and unforgettable, with a show characterized by the hypnotic rhythm of the pizzica and the authentic melodies of tradition.
"We are certain that Tananai will give the square of Taranta great emotions in connection with the new generations that every year approach the world of popular music, of pizzica," explains Massimo Manera, president of the Foundation that in Puglia organizes the great collective gathering.

Following the success of Tananai's first arena tour last spring, which sold out on all dates with more than 40,000 tickets sold, through September Tananai and his band will take to the biggest stages of the summer playing and singing his biggest hits with the audience, such as "Tango" (triple platinum), "Baby Goddamn" (quadruple platinum), "Occasional Sex" (double platinum), and "Abyssal" (double platinum), taken from his first unreleased album "Rave, Eclipse," certified platinum, and the EP "Small Boos." During the live performance, Tananai shows all his souls, from the more pop side to the electronic side and on the Taranta stage also that of the interpreter sensitive to the protection of linguistic minorities.

The Concertone della Taranta will be broadcast on September 2 on RAI 1, in late evening with direction by Stefano Mignucci, set design by Marco Calzavara and photography by Marco Lucarelli. The organizational machine is already at work to welcome the large Taranta audience. Since August 1, the Popular Orchestra has been busy rehearsing in Galatina at the Cavallino Bianco Theater with percussionist Carlo Di Francesco and conductor Clemente Ferarri. Relentless rehearsals also for the Taranta dancers led by choreographer Francesca Romana Di Maio.

The Notte della Taranta Festival is a cultural project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation funded by REGIONE PUGLIA and PUGLIAPROMOZIONE with contributions from Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina and the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Diego Carpitella Institute.

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