TORRE GUACETO nature reserve (Br)

At Lido Penna Grossa

9 P.M.





The journey of the traveling festival "La Notte della Taranta" on August 3 stops in TORRE GUACETO nature reserve (Br). On stage from 9 p.m. special acoustic concert on the sea at the Lido Penna Grossa, of the popular orchestra La Notte Della Taranta in the humanity of water, a show that sold out in a few hours.

Access to Lido Penna Grossa, (northern end of the Torre Guaceto nature reserve that falls under the protected area as category C, i.e., partial reserve area), is allowed from 8 p.m. Those who have made reservations can go to the PORTA RISERVA parking lot where they will show their coupon and be accompanied by the Park train to the equipped lido where the concert will take place.

La Notte della Taranta, a cultural project to enhance the music and dance of Salento, aims in 2023 to highlight the value of water, of the humanity of water in collaboration with ACQUEDOTTO PUGLIESE. The water that defines the beauty of places, the water that weaves the thoughts of the community, the water that sculpts time. Water to be cherished and protected. Water in Apulia is the highway of humanity. It runs through cities, villages, the coast and the mountains, lakes and rivers, forests and the table land, olive groves and reeds, the sea! Water influences the life of Puglia, the gestures and language of its inhabitants. Water is the most important link that has flowed through the past and flows into the future. A fluens-shaped highway in front of which we are struck by unexpected emotions that we call "astonishment." Astonishment is the sea, movement and depth, breath, sounds and colors toward which we seek caresses, understanding, embraces. "Lu ruciu de lu mare" we sing even when the sea is far away bringing in its wave motion. Amazement is the public water that flows in every place, "l'acqua de la funtana" we sing to remember the beauty of the villages and the past when it flowed from the village fountain and formed communities at the footprint. Awe is the invisible water that propels us into the future, when it immense crosses all of underground Apulia and plunges into the Mediterranean Sea. The humanity of water is expressed in the Canticle of the Creatures by St. Francis: "humile et pretiosa et casta." In this humble and precious water of Puglia we are mirrored, matter and symbol of our region. A place of poetry and contemplation, water has its own musical rhythm, preceded by mysterious silence. From springs to wells, from fountains to that faucet that connects us with the larger community of our borough through the pipelines of Acquedotto Pugliese, the amazing water distribution network from Gargano to Santa Maria di Leuca.

Special concert on the sea by the POPULAR ORCHESTRA LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA, immersed in the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto


And here at 9 p.m., immersed in nature, the sounds and songs of the Notte della Taranta land in the equipped lido of the Torre Guaceto reserve with the special unplugged concert on the sea by the POPULAR ORCHESTRA LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA with Enza Pagliara, Consuelo Alfieri and Antonio Amato, and the musicians Attilio Turrisi - beating guitar, Alessandro Monteduro - percussion, Gianluca Longo - mandola, Roberto Gemma - accordion, Antonio Marra - drums, Roberto Chiga, Alessandro Chiga, Carlo Canaglia De Pascali, Gioele Nuzzo - tambourine, Mario Esposito - bass, Giuseppe Astore - violin, Nico Berardi - woodwinds. Dancing on the sea will be Serena Pellegrino, Lucia Scarabino, Mihaela Coluccia, Fabrizio Nigro, Stefano Campagna and Mattia Politi.

Access to the Reserve is allowed from 8 p.m. Those who have made reservations can go to the PORTA RISERVA parking lot where they will show their coupon and be accompanied by the Reserve's little train to the equipped lido where the concert will take place.

The 2023 edition of La Notte della Taranta Festival, which began on August 1, will run through August 27, as many as 25 villages and towns in Salento and the iconic bay of Sant'Andrea, with more than 400 guests including musicians, dancers, actors, writers and philosophers. An edition that promises to be extraordinary and that confirms La Notte della Taranta as the largest Italian touring festival that promotes popular music as a score of emotions born from the dialogue between the arts, interweaving and creating reflections and insights with dance, theater, literature, philosophy and will lead, stage after stage to the Concertone on August 26 in Melpignano (Le), to the long night with the concertmaster FIORELLA MANNOIA.

The Ragnatela della Taranta continues on Aug. 4, Sogliano Cavour, Aug. 5, Nociglia, Aug. 6, Racale, Aug. 7, Cursi, Aug. 8, Alessano, Aug. 9, Ugento, Aug. 10, Sant'Andrea - marina di Melendugno, Aug. 11, Carpignano Salentino, Aug. 12, Nardò, Aug. 13, Galatone, Aug. 14, Lecce, Aug. 16, Zollino, Aug. 17 Galatina, Aug. 18 Castrignano de Greci, Aug. 19 Cutrofiano, Aug. 20 Aradeo for the first time included in the Festival, Aug. 21 Martignano, Aug. 22 Soleto, Aug. 23 Sternatia, Aug. 24 Martano, Aug. 26 CONCERTONE DI MEPIGNANO, Aug. 27 Galatina - Le Ronde della Taranta. FREE ADMISSION.

The theme of this 26th edition is IDENTITY, inspired by Italo Calvino, the writer whose centenary since his birth falls this year: "Identity is a bundle of divergent lines that find in the individual the point of interest," Calvino wrote in "Civilizations of Machines." A theme-world to interpret current reality that will be addressed in lectio magistralis by philosopher Umberto Galimberti guest in Martano on Aug. 24, by Tlon philosophers Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici on Aug. 21 in Martignano, by criminal judge Maria Francesca Mariano on Aug. 19 in Cutrofiano, by journalist Marcello Veneziani on Aug. 23 in Sternatia, by theologian Vito Mancuso on Aug. 8 in Alessano, by writer Stefano Massini on Aug. 17 in Galatina, and by journalist and writer Angelo Mellone on Aug. 13 in Galatone.


Festival 2023 is dedicated to Luigi Chiriatti, the recently deceased artistic director, who worked until the end of his days on the Taranta Itinerante program.

The Itinerant Festival is a cultural project of the Notte della Taranta Foundation funded by REGIONE PUGLIA and PUGLIAPROMOZIONE with the contribution of Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina and the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Diego Carpitella Institute.

The Notte della Taranta Foundation would like to thank the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and the municipalities of Corigliano d'Otranto, Calimera, Sogliano Cavour, Nociglia, Racale, Cursi, Alessano, Ugento, Melendugno, Carpignano Salentino, Nardò, Galatone, Zollino, Galatina, Castrignano de' Greci, Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Martignano, Soleto, Sternatia, Martano, Melpignano and the city of Lecce.

Main Sponsor: DMJ - DE MARIANI Group


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Technical Partner: BUSFORFUN, APOS


Festival Notte della Taranta

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