Conductor Valeriano Chiaravalle, a veteran of the Sanremo kermesse, one of the greatest composers for music on TV is in Salento working in the rehearsal room with the seven voices of La Notte della Taranta Consuelo Alfieri, Alessandra Caiulo, Stefania Morciano, Enza Pagliara, Antonio Amato, Salvatore Cavallo Galeanda, Giancarlo Paglialunga. The well-known conductor in his resume also directed extraordinary hits such as "Che sia benedetta," the song Monotòna by Elio e le Storie Tese, just to name a few.

"We are checking and organizing the harmonizations of the choral part. A work of balance to tune the voices in the best way, explains maestro Chiaravalle who adds: it will be a night of celebration, an explosion of joy in which tradition and innovation will meet through electronics. And this will be a most interesting meeting point that the voices of the folk tradition will make even more authentic."

And while the voices are preparing under the guidance of maestro Chiaravalle at the Sud Est studio in Guagnano, the members of the Popular Orchestra La Notte Popolare La notte della Taranta continue to rehearse the 35 songs that will be offered at the August 27 Concertone at the Elio cinema in Calimera. The Popular Orchestra La Notte della Taranta, the great protagonist of the long music is composed of the tambourine singers and musicians Giuseppe Astore (violin), Nico Berardi (woodwinds), Valerio Combass Bruno (bass), Alessandro Chiga (tambourine), Roberto Chiga (tambourine), Leonardo Cordella (accordion), Antonio Dema De Mariani (drums), Carlo De Pascali (tambourine), Roberto Gemma (accordion), Peppo Grassi (mandolin), , Gianluca Longo (mandola), Gioele Nuzzo (didgeridoo and tambourine) Alessandro Monteduro (percussion), Attilio Turrisi (beating guitar).

The orchestra, on the concert stage conducted by concertmaster Dardust will be joined by a wind section and a string section.

The wind section consists of Mattia Dalla Pozza (saxophone), Francesco Minutello (trumpet), Federico Pierantoni (trombone) and Raul Moretto (tuba), musicians who have played on various tours permanently with the likes of Jovanotti, Mengoni, Giorgia, Daniele Silvestri, Calibro 35. Also collaborating discographically on totally different projects from experimental jazz to classical with many internationally renowned musicians. Also in the pop genre with Elisa, Tommaso Paradiso, Biagio Antonacci, Irene Grandi, Negrita, Giuliano Palma and Samuel of Subsonica.

The level of professionals in the string section was also very high: Caterina Coco (violin), Elisa Cavalazzi (violin), Matteo Lipari (viola), Simone Giorgini (violin) and Simone Sitta (cello).

And also on the stage set up in the space in front of the former Agostiani Convent for the duration of the entire concert will be Vanni Casagrande (synth and percussion) and Marcello Piccinini (percussion). Vanni Casagrande (synth and percussion), is a multi-instrumentalist who has major collaborations to his credit. It also bears his signature along with that of Dardust, the song "lions in the sun" by THE KOLORS. Marcello Piccinini is one of the best known drummers in Italy. He boasts numerous collaborations with national and international artists, including the very master concertmaster Dardust. Just with him in one of the previous editions of Sanremo he was the protagonist of a fantastic performance on percussion.