Notte della Taranta Foundation and Olivami Association promote the reforestation of Salento.

First artist olive trees planted: Sparagna, Menamenamò, Mellissinopoulos.


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The Ulivi della Taranta Park is born, an expanse of 1,500 new trees that will be planted thanks to the adoption of olive trees by the artists and the audience that invades the squares of the Itinerant Festival every year to the rhythm of pizzica.

A project conceived by the Notte della Taranta Foundation in collaboration with Olivami, the nonprofit association that allows the adoption of an olive tree to help reforest the Xylella-affected Salento. A new form of sustainable and participatory olive growing that offers the opportunity for everyone to remotely adopt one or more olive trees, obtaining an annual supply of Evo oil with certified provenance and quality. For every olive tree that is adopted, Olivami & Taranta will plant a new generation olive tree. The olive trees will be led and cared for by farmers who have decided to join the project. The first three trees were donated by the Foundation to artists Ambrogio Sparagna, Theodoro Mellissinopoulos and Luigi Mengoli founder of the group Menamenamò, protagonists of the first stage of the Festival in Corigliano d'Otranto. Presenting the certificate of adoption were the dancers of the Taranta Ballet Corps, Serena Pellegrino, Stefano Campagna, Lucia Scarabino and Cristina Frassanito.

"You gave me a gift of disarming generosity," Mellissinopoulos said movingly, "you were able to honor a Greek with the gift of an olive tree. It's like you gave a Nobel Prize. You had, as we say, the barbaric courage to baptize an olive tree with my name. I will be eternally grateful."

Through the adoption of the first 100 olive trees, Fondazione La Notte della Taranta has created the first park in Carpignano Salentino that can be visited at any time of the year, and is easily recognizable thanks to the signage and name plates hung on the trees and bearing the names of the Festival and Concertone artists.  The initiative aims to contribute in the long run to offsetting CO2 emissions.

"La Notte della taranta has always been attentive to environmental issues. After the Regeneriamo la Natura project in collaboration with Legambiente, which enabled the redevelopment of Torre Squillace, a result that is there for all to see, today we are trying to restore the Grecìa landscape to its agricultural beauty. Together with Olivami it will be possible to create the first park of olive trees of the Taranta," pointed out Massimo Manera, President of the Notte della Taranta Foundation.

The "Taranta Park" project will feature the planting of a symbolic tree in each of the 12 municipalities of Salento's Grecìa.  Through the QR code, a green path will open that will lead visitors into the park, in a vast plot of land in Carpignano salentino, where young olive trees will restore the landscape line destroyed by the xylella bacteria to Salento.

 "We are facing an unprecedented agricultural drama, explains Simone Chiriatti vice president of the Olivami association. This dramatic situation, which has had devastating consequences on labor, landscape and society, obliges us to rethink the land management model. We consider it essential, in addition to the donation of olive trees, to assist farmers in adopting new methods of conduction, using techniques and technologies of precision agriculture and aimed at ensuring biodiversity. Thanks to the Taranta Park project, we will invite the Festival audience to use the tool of tree adoption to participate in the reconstruction of the Salento landscape."

Olivami is an association registered with RUNTS (single national third sector register) committed to the reforestation of the Salento countryside destroyed by Xyella. By promoting the adoption of olive trees, the Olivami association enables companies, organizations and institutions to contribute to the rebirth of olive growing in Salento by financing the planting of new olive trees to replace those affected by Xylella. For every olive tree that is adopted, Olivami plants a new generation of olive trees tolerant to the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria. The olive trees will be led by farmers who have decided to join the project by planting new olive trees.

You can make the adoption directly from the association's website www.olivami.com, selecting the quantity and species of trees you want to adopt.

Immediately after adoption you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the adoption certificate.