The Travel Show - Saturday, Sept. 30, 3:30 p.m

The modernity of the Notte della Taranta conquers the BBC.

Saturday, Sept. 30 at 3:30 p.m. (local time) will air The Travel Show, the historic documentary program that explores new travel destinations around the world. A 24-minute short film curated by Catharina Moh and hosted by Carmen Roberts dedicated to Puglia's beauty, archaeology, crystal clear sea, enchanted villages and the contemporary nature of the Melpignano Concertone.

The BBC team reached Puglia last July filming in Otranto, Sant'Andrea, Polignano and again in Manduria with the children and the children of the
pizzica, the Greek and Apulian vases kept in the Sigismondo Castromediano Museum in Lecce. Completing the in-depth coverage are interviews with ethnomusicologist prof. Gianfranco
Salvatore on the myth of tarantism and with musician Gianluca Longo on the sound of the Popular Orchestra that captivates audiences around the world.

Set for the filming of The Travel Show, the ancient cloister of the former Convento degli Agostiniani in Melpignano, which houses the headquarters of the La Notte della Taranta Foundation. A program produced by BBC, which chose La Notte della Taranta to tell the world how "a centuries-old dance originally performed to cure according to popular legend the spider bite is experiencing a rebirth thanks to the cathartic ritual of the concertone." The Popular Orchestra with Gianluca Longo - mandola, Alessandro Monteduro - percusisoni, Antonio Marra - drums, Roberto Gemma - accordion, Gioele Nuzzo - tambourine, Attilio Turrisi - beating guitar, Carlo De Pascali - tambourine, Giuseppe Astore - violin, Nico Berardi - woodwinds, Valerio Bruno - bass and singers Antonio Amato, Consuelo Alfieri and Stefania Morciano performed the Pizzica di San Vito danced by Stefano Campagna, Fabrizio Nigro, Serena Pellegrino, Mihaela Coluccia and Cristina Frassanito. The tambourine rhythm won over host Carmen Roberts, who posted on social media her "first" pizzica danced in the shadow of the former Augustinian Convent. The documentary can be seen in Italy on Sky.

Not just BBC. In the coming days La Notte della Taranta will be a guest on Il Provinciale hosted by Federico Quaranta airing Sunday, October 1 at 11:15 p.m. on RAI 3.
An in-depth report on tarantism with an interview with Prof. Maurizio Agamennone, a member of the Foundation's scientific committee, made in Galatina, and on the modern vision of the Taranta Concertone with interviews with Prof. Nico Berardi a member of the Popular Orchestra and Lucia Scarabino dancer of the Taranta Dance Corps, made in the symbolic place of the Concertone in Melpignano.

On October 6 at 11 a.m. live from Bari for RAI ITALIA, La Notte della Taranta will be the guest of Filippo Solibello and Marco Ardemagni in the program Paparazzi, the new English-language strip that tells the world about Italian excellence. And also on October 6, La Taranta will be featured on UNO MATTINA the program broadcast from 8:30 a.m. on RAI 1, hosted by Daniela Ferolla and Massimiliano Orsini.

An extraordinary success for La Notte della Taranta, which will represent Puglia in the National Festival of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces scheduled in Turin from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 and at Columbus Day in Chicago scheduled for Oct. 6 to 9.

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