Superstar of the pizzica, the Popular Orchestra enchants the square of Recoleta in Santiago. g


25 years of Notte della Taranta, 40 years of Womad. The two prestigious festivals dedicated to world music meet in Recoleta, the old quarter of Santiago del Chile, and the audience explodes with joy. A golden year for the Orchestra Popolare, superstar of the pizzica, which on New Year's Eve and during Water Week was called upon to represent Italian popular music at EXPO DUBAI.

A Latin-Mediterranean concert, with a contemporary sound, the one proposed at Peter Gabriel's Womad, with a sequence of hypnotic pizziches capable of transforming the encounter between stage and audience into a popular ritual of the highest value: finding oneself in a choral embrace after two years of pandemic restrictions. To the ancient idea of musical exorcism, the Popular Orchestra retrieves the liberating ancestral dimension and triumphs. Led by Gianluca Longo, the eclectic mandolin player who now coordinates the band, the voices of Stefania Morciano and Salvatore Cavallo Galeanda and the musicians Attilio Turrisi (beating guitar), Antonio Marra (drums), Valerio Combass Bruno (bass), Giuseppe Astore (violin), Nico Berardi (woodwinds) Alessandro Chiga (tambourine) thrilled the Womad audience in an irresistible percussive groove. Hundreds of stories posted on social networks by Santiago's fans, who gave a sentimental memory of the live performance by dancing with dancers Mihaela Coluccia and Andrea Caracuta.  Realised in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Santiago and with the support of Puglia Sounds and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, the Notte della Taranta concert was greeted with enthusiastic reviews from the Chilean press, which described the orchestra as 'a leading exponent of international popular music, a symbol of quality cultural offerings in the world' (El Mostrador), which 'exports the energy of Salento music to the world' (ADPrensa). A concert that began with a tribute to the Nobel Prize winner for literature, the Chilean Gabriela Mistral, who in her 'Ronda' compares plants shaken by the wind to tarantulas dancing to the moon or the sun.

"A formidable ensemble of musicians, immersed in tradition," commented Pablo Farba George, cultural director of Editorial Nascimento, the first publishing house in Latin America to discover Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, who wrote with music an irresistible journey, transformed into rhythm and passion the world of the popular neighbourhoods, pieces of history crossed by dancing. It is a toast to life returning.  A journey that does not forget where it was born and always looks ahead, to new encounters, to new unconventional realities. The Notte della Taranta is the South of the world, poetic and festive, contemporary and urban in its controversial and at times magical look'.

The association Apulians in Chile and Italians in Chile have asked the Foundation to organise a new tour in Latin America for a new triumphant concert.