IJO'design is an Italian brand of sustainable luxury fashion that was born from the combination of the textile craftsmanship tradition of Salento and the innovation of contemporary design.
Quality, design and sustainability have always driven the brand in every step of the production chain, from the choice of natural and certified fibres to the recovery of the ancient art of Apulian weaving, based on the hand production of all collections on traditional olive wood looms.

A strong orientation towards sustainability, therefore, guides the brand from the very first steps of production: in the laboratories, old looms are used to hand-weave natural biodegradable fibres using only certified yarns.

A story that began 20 years ago and based on the production of high quality sustainable fashion for the contemporary woman who loves to wear emotions. The identity of IJO'design is solidly built on the three founding elements: design, quality, sustainability.

A mix of minimalist style inspired by architecture and continuous research on patterns and fabric design; the highest quality materials and manufacturing skills support the values of ethical production and respect for the environment.

The long dresses made entirely on an antique loom tell about a minimal elegance. Squares of fabric, bows, a typical Salento loom work, allow you to wear a beauty suspended in time. A sustainable choice, the one of the designer and creator of IJO' Annalisa Surace, who wanted to recover all the small scraps of precious fabrics she had kept over the years, turning them into the raw material for a new collection: inserts made with the traditional Salento flake technique, weaving the strips originally obtained from cutting the fabrics.

Squares of fabric sprout on the clothes, like lush meadows, evoking a rebirth, a flowering that has already begun. An avant-garde style, the driving force behind sustainable fashion made in Italy.